Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Week in Review



I'm curious as to where the break part comes in with spring break?? Although I appreciated the opportunity to sleep past 5am it somehow seemed unfair that with the exception of one day I never slept past 8am! Ugh!!
I had a good week, though. We found a prom dress for the Mormon Prom that Aimee will attend on the 17th, as well as new heels and a haircut for her. (Needless to say, she's quite happy!)

She's also had plenty of time behind the wheel this week and she's quickly gaining confidence in her driving ability. I think she'll be ready for the interstate way before I'll be ready for her to attempt it! We had plenty of mother-daughter time this week and it was mostly good. We even made it out for a couple of walks in the beautiful weather we've had. With everything else going on, it was truly a blessing to have such perfect weather for spring break.

Yesterday was the big day for our roof. We got a nasty surprise when they pulled off the shingles and found that the entire underlayment was bad. We knew we had some bad boards, but to hear that the whole thing had to be replaced was a bit of a shock, and a bit disheartening too. Did I mention that we had JUST gotten out of debt... and that our house has lost so much value that we couldn't even get a home improvement loan?? I just have to trust that the Lord really will continue to provide and will bless us in our efforts to get out of debt once again.
But... the new roof does look great! And now we won't have to worry about anyone falling through, or leaks, or anything else for years to come. (Hopefully at least until it's paid off!! lol)

Last night Aimee and I went to the Ronald McDonald house with a group of sisters (and one brother) from church. It was nice to be able to give the kids a chance to play some games, decorate cookies, and just relax and enjoy themselves. It brings into focus just how blessed we are to have healthy bodies. Somehow our trials don't seem nearly as big when we see what those kids are going through.

After getting home from the Ronald McDonald house we found David dealing with severe chest pain. Since it showed no sign of letting up we took him to the emergency room. The doctor was cautious and decided to admit him for observation. Aimee and I stayed until after 1am but had to head home for some sleep because I had to be up by 8am. It looks like he'll be going in for a stress test soon to make sure nothing's wrong with his heart, but for right now he is resting (as comfortably as a person can in a hospital) and will hopefully be discharged soon.

Now it's Saturday and I've been working most of the morning to get the house cleaned really good because David's parents are coming for a visit. I still need to run to the store and pick up a few items to make sure we're stocked for our guests... and wait for the call to pick David up!
It's been an interesting, sometimes fun, tiring week!


Mama D said...

When do moms ever get a break?! Your new roof looks nice. Think of the blessings of being out of debt before you had to replace the roof. Can you imagine adding to your previous debt? Blessings!!

Wow, I hope David is feeling better and that his stress test will go well. That would have freaked me out!

chelle said...

The roof looks great! The get of debt thing is something we haven't quite been able to achieve either! There is ALWAYS something that comes up! At least we are striving for that...right?!?
I hope everything comes back okay with David. How scary! Hugs and prayers sent your way.