Friday, February 12, 2010

Game Night Woes

I'm bummed. And feeling very vulnerable and kinda rejected. Not that it's anybody's fault... it's just the way things go sometimes.
One of my resolutions for this year is to reach out and try to be more social and invite people into my home. I started to plan one in January but the ward game night kinda trumped it. I didn't give up though. I picked a date for February and invited a few different couples to come over for a game night. Tonight was that night. Unfortunately every single couple has had to cancel. I'm not blaming them, and I don't want them to feel guilty. They all had very good reasons. But it still made me sad.
I'm trying hard to make lemonade out of lemons: at least I don't have to clean my house quite as thoroughly as I would for guests; I can also sit around in my jammies all night now. And now I can make up a can of cinnamon rolls for breakfast since they won't get eaten tonight...
But I have to admit that I feel a bit rejected and like a failure. It's probably just the hormones talking (very probable.) I'm trying to give myself a pep talk and tell myself that it's really not ME, that people would probably (hopefully) actually enjoy playing games at my house. I just haven't been able to convince myself of that yet.
So maybe tonight will be a pity party instead of a game night party. Maybe not quite as much fun but there'll be less to clean up!

But now I'm also looking towards next month: anyone want to join us for games and snacks? Or would a potluck lunch work better for you? If you're interested, let me know!


Erin said...

I love you. Sorry about your LAME friends. :P

Jenn said...

This pretty much describes how my month has felt. I'm sorry you're feeling the same way.

Heather said...

I absolutely know that feeling. But don't take it personally. You're fantastic!! Everyone loves you!

Mama D said...

How frustrating - but try not to take it personally. Hard, I know, but keep trying to have your game night. Eventually people will be able to come.

*I* would have come... oh wait, I was working last night. So, no, I would have had to back out, too. But I sure would have rather been playing games with you guys. It was a crazy, busy night!

Madeline said...

Gee, Bari and I would love to have a game night with you and Dave. Not tonight though, we have a family birthday party (5year old ! !) to go to. (I'd much rather go to your house). REALLY. Let's find a date in March.
Bari and I rarely get a chance to socialize. It would be a fun night out.
This comment may tag Madeline as the writer- But is't not!

Guess who!

Steve and Jamie said...

Hey, we love playing games. Unfortunately (and fortunately) we also have three screaming children as well. Maybe we'll have to have you come over to our house in the next few weeks. We're always looking for new people to play with.

Sorry no one could come. I always hate it when that happens.

chelle said...

Don't give up!
I would feel the same way. Maybe that is why I never invite people over! (that and the cleaning part! lol)
This whole weekend I have felt unloved and rejected and I didn't have people cancel anything on me.
Sorry you have been feeling that way as well. Why do we do this to ourselves?

Papa D said...

Patty, you and David are invited officially to come to our house and play games with us. You pick the night, give us one month's notice (so Michelle can arrange not to work that night), then drop by. :-)

Papa D said...

Oh, and anyone else who wants to join Patty and David are welcome. Easy, right? lol

Jennifer Andersen said...

Come over and play games anytime! I'm sorry we're not closer. Call anytime!