Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Amazing women

I've been thinking a lot lately about the amazing women who are all around me. I hope that you recognize yourself in one or more of these examples because you're the ones I'm watching and admiring and learning from!

I'm impressed by:
  • Women who come to church every Sunday, even when their husband isn't able to join them. I know it takes a lot of perserverance and work to get to church with one or more kids in tow and it'd be so much easier to say "not this week."
  • Women who have one or more young children and still decide to go through another pregnancy. You're a beautiful example of faith, strength and unselfishness.
  • Women who have no children of their own yet lovingly help out a mother who is overwhelmed, who eagerly reach out to hold someone else's child and share their mothering abilities. You are a hero.
  • Women who continue to build their talents and then willingly teach them to others.
  • Women that reach for their camera when they find some new naughtiness their child has been a part of... instead of beating them!
  • Women that take the time to teach their children to pray and to love the scriptures. You're giving us all hope for the future!
  • Women who are doing their best to hold down a job and still be there for their kids in every way possible. You use up almost every ounce of energy given to you so that your family knows that they are your first priority.
  • Women who show love in all the little things they do each day.. making meals, cleaning bathrooms, doing those never-ending loads of laundry, giving hugs, putting a band-aid on a boo-boo, cleaning up spilled drinks, changing yet another diaper, reading a book for the thousandth time... all of these seemingly small and insignificant tasks are a monument to the incredible and amazing woman you are!

If you ever think that what you do isn't noticed or appreciated- read this list again! I am so thankful that you are who you are and that you do all that you do.


Mama D said...

What a fantastic tribute to the women you know! You are an amazing example yourself.

I am wondering what it says about myself that I am thinking more of other women than myself as I read your list... Either I am also noticing and admiring the gifts of others or I have a blind eye to my own gifts. Probably some of both! :)

chelle said...

I too notice those things each week @ church and am encouraged to keep going. It could be worse right?!?!
Thanks for posting and noticing these great woman as well.
You could also add to the list women who you know that struggle so much with so many things, yet they are willing to serve in callings that terrify them immensely. And do it lovingly and with a smile on their face. :D

Steve and Jamie said...

Geez, you made me tear up a little. Thanks for making my day! I love the women that we are surrounded by, and I admire each of them in so many ways.

Papa D said...

Great tribute, Patty - and I second chelle's tribute. A list of great women you know wouldn't be complete without you being on the list.

AJ said...

You're pretty amazing yourself! Thanks for sharing your insight and for coming last night. It is always good to catch up with you. You are also welcome to come visit next week. Catch me at church.
Love ya, ABBey