Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Which is Worth More: Spiritual or Physical Labor?

What is my downfall when it comes to keeping up with my spiritual health?

I know that for me personally, getting too busy and distracted are often the main reasons that I end up slacking off and not being diligent about spiritual things. This became really evident this year. During the spring and summer my to-do list was never-ending. There is so much work to be done on our land and house that it literally will never be done, but I like to make as much progress as I can. I found that I was often rushing through my morning scripture study, or even putting it off. I lamented the fact that it felt like I was just reading words and not getting much out of it, but I was too busy to put more time and effort into it. I wasn't feeling the spirit and was struggling with even having the desire to do the things I knew I should (scripture study, prayers, visiting teaching, etc.) 

As the weather has turned wetter and colder, I’m now forced to spend more time on indoor projects, which aren’t as time-consuming, pressing, or as strenuous. What I’ve noticed is that as I have more time to do my personal scripture study in the morning, and more time to connect with Heavenly Father in sincere prayer, I feel more relaxed and eager to spend that time doing spiritual work rather than physical labor. Being too busy was interfering with my relationship with my Heavenly Father, but I was so busy I didn’t realize it until I slowed down! 

I know that I'll have to watch myself next spring, as the weather warms up and I get back to spending a lot more of my time outside. I need to remind myself that it pays to make time to do the things I should be doing. After all, what good is it if I improve our land and house but don't improve my relationship with God? 

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