Saturday, October 10, 2015

Graven Upon His Palms

     Sometimes I feel so insignificant and invisible in this world, and I often look at the sheer magnitude of the earth, the universe, and all of mankind and wonder how Heavenly Father or Jesus can possibly even notice me amongst the billions, much less actually know me. I still don't understand how they can comprehend everything all at once, and not only know every one of us intimately but also love us unconditionally. That is far beyond my human comprehension.

     However, when I read a scripture like 1 Nephi 21:16 that says "Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me" I am comforted and reassured that I am not only known, but will never be forgotten by my Savior.

     What strikes me the most about this verse is that He has graven me on the palms of His hands. He hasn't just written my name there, like a note to remember during a test. It isn't even a tattoo that is permanent but can fade. To graven me on His palms is to deeply impress, firmly fix, or even carve into His flesh. It signifies a permanence and commitment that is eternal. He knows me. He loves me. He loves me enough to have graven me upon the tender flesh of His palm.

     The second part of this verse also touches me. To me, the idea that my "walls" are continually before the Savior makes me think of the obstacles in my life. He knows every wall that I will come across on my journey back to Him, and that I'm going to have a hard time either going over, going around, or making a way through those walls. I can picture Him in each case giving me a hand up, or coming to guide me around, or wielding a chisel by my side as we work to break through the wall. He isn't going to forget me, and He isn't going to leave me to face my walls alone. I love the comfort and peace that brings to me.

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