Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It's been HOW LONG since I last blogged? Yikes!

It's nice to finally have a day during the week when I don't have to work and have the house to myself to enjoy the peace and quiet. I've missed that. I miss having time to just sit and read, to think, and to blog!
Things have been extremely busy for both David and I lately. I'm working mostly full time now (with the exception of a rare day like today) and he's been putting in 80+ hour weeks. Often it feels like our entire lives revolve around our work...and it's not such great work that that ends up being a good thing!

Back in December David got yet another new boss. This guy came in and spent one month at the other offices and then proceeded to sit down in a management meeting (to which I was invited) and explain how he was going to change things...this would be the best way for this, and that would be the best way for that...and by the way, now the regional managers are also in charge of emergency response and all other work in their offices. WHAT?!?! Because having one full time job isn't enough?!
Well, I'm part ashamed and part impressed that my quiet self actually blurted out at that point "That's bulls**t!!" Needless to say, this new boss was taken aback. He turned around and asked me what I meant. When I told him that he has no idea what he's asking of these guys his response was "No, I guess I don't." Duh. The man never even came out to our office to see what it's like! He was basing all of his judgments on offices that are totally different in set-up, operations, and scope of work!
Thankfully, about another month and a half later this boss came out to our office to evaluate some employees on specific job skills. While he was there he was finally able to see David constantly on the phone, taking care of clients, jobs, and employee issues...nonstop. The turn-around in his attitude has been amazing and appreciated. Wouldn't you know it- he finally realized that we weren't being lazy or unproductive...we're swamped!! Legitimately! Thankfully they've now hired a logistics guy for our office, which will hopefully ease the burden a bit.

Work literally has taken over our lives and it needs to let up enough that we can have time and space for friends, hobbies, and quiet time together. Especially now that spring is right around the corner. As much as I hate the dark mornings that daylight savings brings, I love the extra light in the evenings and I'm looking forward to warmer weather so I can spend some enjoyable time outside again. Looking at my flower bed yesterday, I was happily surprised to see my lily of the valley starting to push leaves up through the soil.

Spring really is my favorite time of the year. Winter is so cold, so dark, and so long...and spring comes in and erases all of that! I love watching the world around come to life again- seeing the buds on the tree, hearing the birds singing again, feeling the lift that the sunshine gives my spirit- it's all beautiful!

In other news...Aimee and Alex have moved much closer to us. They bought a house in Wintersville (about 5 minutes drive from us.) It's been nice having them in town. We've been able to get together a lot more often (which still isn't THAT often because of our work schedules) and it's especially nice when we can have dinner together.

Aimee is also serving in Primary with me now. She's one of my counselors. It's fun watching her use her creativity and I appreciate the different ideas she comes up with. I'm very blessed to have her and Tanya, my other counselor. They're both really talented and awesome ladies!

That's my life right now. Lots and lots of work and not much else. I'm praying for relief soon so we can get away for a couple days soon. I need the rejuvenation that some time in the woods can bring, away from all the stresses, noise, and pressure. I'm thinking a cabin in Hocking Hills would be the perfect cure for my ills right now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. :)

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Mama D said...

I understand the "work is my life" feeling. It weighs on you after a while...

I'm glad you finally had a day at home for some much-needed "me time" and that you used some of that time to blog!

I miss you, and this is one way to have some of those conversations we used to have.