Monday, July 15, 2013

I Want To Be More Like My "Dad"

Have you ever noticed (especially as you grow older) that you are becoming more and more like your parents? It may be mannerisms, particular sayings, a certain stubborn streak, the tone of your voice, or the way you approach challenges. There are so many ways that we're influenced by our parents, and what's incredible is that we often pick up on things regardless of whether that parent has taught them to us or not. Adopted children, for example, often show the same mannerisms and tendencies as their birth family, even when raised by people who are unrelated.

If you're lucky you have great parents who have given you good examples to follow and you've hopefully picked up on some of their good tendencies, but if not...there's still hope.

If, within our DNA, we have parts of our parents in us that affect who we are and how we behave, think, and react... imagine the potential we have because of the heavenly DNA we contain within our spirits. Think about it- we are God's children, He is our Father- so we must have some of Him within us. We have the inborn tendencies to love, serve, show compassion, teach, and lift each other. Those aren't just earthly talents that we either have or need to work to gain. It's part of who we are by nature of who our Father is.

What's really great is that spiritual DNA trumps physical DNA. It doesn't matter if my earthly parents have passed on genetic anomalies or weaknesses, because my Heavenly Father has passed on the tendencies towards perfection. I have the seeds of perfection within me and He has given me the key to unlocking them: the atonement. The only thing holding me back is whether or not I choose to accept and embrace my Savior's redeeming grace. His grace is sufficient because it taps into the divine that is already present within me. He opens the door allowing my spiritual heritage to become more prominent and pronounced in me. I can be become more like my Heavenly Father, because I am His daughter.

What comfort and reassurance this gives me. To know that I am not bound by the human limitations of this body and the dysfunction of past generations. I can reach for the infinite and connect with the divine, and rise above what this earth and mortal experience have to offer. I want to be more like my Dad, because God is the most perfect one we'll ever know.

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Papa D said...

Beautiful, Patty.

Our theology really is amazing, at the most basic level.