Saturday, April 27, 2013

I Love Spring!!

I dream of a world where it is perpetually spring and summer. Green, blooming, warm, alive. Longer days with more light and sunshine. Rain enough to keep things growing. I know it can't be like that, and that we need the fall and winter, but I can still dream!

It's spring now, though, and I'm wide awake and enjoying every moment of today. Last year I moved near the beginning of June and things were too hectic for me to get any planting done. This year, I promised myself a) I would have a garden again and b) I would actually plan what and where I should plant. I'm feeling darned good that I've already accomplished the beginning of both!

Here's what my yard looks like today:
 David working hard
 What you can't see is all the work I put into turning over the soil in the box on the right- before David decided we should rent the small tiller and save lots of time and energy!
 We had a couple random tulips and other bulb flowers but they were in bad spots so I dug them up, divided them, put them in the front and planted asparagus in the back.
Might as well grow something useful in this space, right?
 Here's a shot of the finished boxes and flowerbed.
And one more view. Found the trellis at Aldi and couldn't resist
having something so pretty for peas to climb. :)
I've already got some potatoes and peas planted. Can't wait to see them start poking up through the soil. Looking forward to planting tomatoes, peppers, carrots, chives, garlic, bush beans, and zucchini. Check out for a fabulous garden planning tool. 

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