Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Texas, Here We Come!

We are blessed to be able to go down to Texas to attend David's son Aaron's wedding. I'm actually looking forward to another road trip and seeing "new" scenery. (I've travelled through most of the places before, but it's been years.) I guess one of the upsides of living in a small (boring) town is that being in a car for 12 hours a day now sounds like a fun adventure rather than torture. It might also be that I don't have any young children, although I'm not sure David and Aimee in the same car is much better. ;)

I'm pretty ambivalent about the actual social aspect of the trip. We haven't seen David's oldest son, Charlie, in 20 years and will get to meet his wife and son for the first time. I'm hoping it's not totally awkward, especially for them. It's hard to know what to expect after so many years. We're also hoping to spend a little time with Aaron and his fiance Amanda- if they can find any time! We know they're going to be really busy with final preparations for the big day. The wedding will be outside and it'll be so nice to be in 70 degree Texas weather. Especially since we'll be leaving 3-5" of snow tomorrow morning! And it'll be even more fun to watch Aaron and Amanda taking this next big step. They're such a cute couple, and so happy together!

David thinks I'm crazy (in a good way this time!) but I'm really hoping to have a few hours on Friday (before the wedding) to go to the Fort Worth Stockyards or some other place of interest. What's the fun of being in Texas if you don't get to see or experience any of it?! It's too bad we don't have a few more days. I'd love to spend more time in Texas again. It has it's own charm.

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