Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Primary Ups and Downs

I love Primary. Really, I do. And I love the children in our Primary. They're awesome. But honestly, this calling is already taking it's toll on me. It wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't constantly trying to do two people's jobs- I wouldn't mind serving in nursery or being Primary president, but to be doing both is exhausting. And I feel bad asking my counselors to do it- they've got enough on their plates already. It's challenging because I still don't know most of the sisters in the ward, so I don't even know who to ask to help, and since I'm in Primary the whole time I don't even have time to try to talk to anyone. I can only hope our prayers will be answered soon and we'll have some dependable people to serve in the nursery and love those little buggers. (I call them that with every bit of affection. They're a cute group!) With any luck we'll have all the help we need soon, can get everyone on the same page, get a routine down, and see the children really blossom.

On the plus side- we have a new music leader who is experienced, awesome, and fun. I think Aimee might miss doing singing time, though. She enjoyed having something useful to do. She's already volunteered to stay as "crowd control," which is always welcomed.

I'm getting more comfortable with doing sharing time. I think conducting will be better once we get to the point that at least one member of the presidency can be in the Primary room when the children get there. I never realized just how challenging it could be to try to keep things organized, running smoothly, and still have a semblence of reverence. It gives me an even greater apprecation for those amazing and talented women who I've known as Primary presidents. And I'm sooo thankful for people who share their creative ideas online. Our Primary kids are very blessed by www.sugardoodle.com. Sharing time would be pretty boring without it!

So that's how Primary is going in our ward. We have our challenges, but we also have incredible couples and sisters who serve, and wonderful children who love and help each other. And so far I've survived every Sunday. I usually collapse once I get home, but I still survive. ;)


Mama D said...

It might be a little rough at the beginning, but you will figure it out. And someday, someone will say thanks to YOU as one of those amazing and loving Pri pres!

This also reminded me of my very first calling in the Fairfield Ward - they were finishing work on our building, so we were going to Montgomery every week for abbreviated church. There were a lot of members who couldn't make that drive that often, and the nursery had had so many subs the kids never knew what to expect. There was no routine and no predictability. They called me and Eric Johnson, and we served together and with Sylvia, for years. One of my best compliments ever: "My daughter doesn't cry and resist going to nursery any more!"

Guess who some of those oldest nursery kids were... Mikayla Prince and Andrew Unklesbay... and then my Jessica, Samantha Hoffart, and others. Weird how fast time has gone since then!

Your prayers will be answered and your nursery will turn around, too.

PS: I understand the "survive church then come home and collapse" syndrome!!

Keep on keepin' on!

Michelle Jones said...

I bow down to anyone that is over any church organization. I hope to stay on the sidelines forever. (even though I know that probably won't happen)
I am sure you do amazingly well and yes, your prayers will be answered. For your sanity, I hope it is sooner rather than later. :)