Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Here's What We've Been Up To

This is going to be a bit disjointed because I haven't kept up and am trying to fit a few weeks' worth of activity into one post. I'll just jump from one thing to another until I'm caught up. If I wait until I have it all written out perfectly it probably won't happen!

It feels like we've been going non-stop lately. On March 6th we drove down to Dallas, Texas for David's son Aaron's wedding. It took 2 days of driving but we got into the Dallas area early enough on the 7th to go to the Ft. Worth Stockyards. Sorry to say, I wasn't really impressed. I'm glad we weren't there during the heavy tourist season, but there also wasn't much to do because almost everything was closed up. The museum was interesting and the longhorn cattle were pretty cool, but we were just as happy to be done after 2 hours and head on down the road. That night we also found an awesome BBQ place near our hotel- it was one of those little mom & pop places with no real seating area but it sure did smell wonderful when you walked in! There's no point in going to Texas if you aren't going to try some of the fantastic food!

On the 8th we were blessed to be able to visit with David's oldest son, Charlie, and his wife and son. It was awkward (none of us are very talkative, which doesn't help!) but it was great getting to spend time with them and getting to know them. Later that evening we went to Aaron & Amanda's wedding, which was simply amazing. They are such a spiritual couple, and they brought that to every facet of the ceremony. It was heartwarming to see them so in love and so happy. It was well worth the 20 hour drive to be able to be there with them.

Unfortunately we weren't able to spend more time there so Saturday morning we hit the road again early. We were quite glad to leave behind Dallas traffic- it's some of the worst I've been in!! The rest of the drive was pretty quiet and relaxing, just long miles of slightly varying scenery.
The week after we got back was busy with getting caught up on the all the day to day rigamorole- laundry, grocery shopping, work, etc.

This past week I went through first aid and CPR training (for work) and also did some indexing for the genealogical society. The main project for the society is done so now I'm typing in lists of names from miscellaneous documents to create an index for the society's website. It's nice because I can work at home for this portion, and it's neat working with documents from the 1820's.

This past Friday David had his gall bladder removed. The surgery went well and he is recovering. I've been working to find and make more lowfat meals and snacks. The less fat he has for the next 6 weeks, the better. It's not much fun but I'm hoping it'll mean a bit of weight loss for both of us.

In the midst of all of this there's also the wedding planning and usual household stuff going on. I've been trying to work on the walls in the bathroom and entryway again. I'm making progress but it's pretty slow and messy. My goal is to have it done within the next 2 months. (There, I just put it down in writing so maybe I'll hold myself more accountable to that time frame! I dread doing drywall repairs and painting so it's been easy to put it off...for too long!)

We crossed the first hurdle in the wedding planning- Aimee has a dress! It was the first one she tried on there and somehow it just fits with her style and personality, and she looks so pretty in it. I was relieved to find one so quickly. I'm finding that there is a lot of stuff to do to get ready for a wedding!

Today our main toilet broke. A part of the handle that works the flush valve broke and now we can't flush it at all. This wouldn't be so bad except Lowe's doesn't carry replacement parts for it. It'll be at least a week before the parts come in. Boo. None of us enjoy heading downstairs to use the "emergency toilet" but at least we have a second option. It would have been much worse had our main toilet been our only one- there's no way we could have replaced the whole toilet with David recovering from surgery!

So that's where we are today. Somehow life stays busy, even living in our sleepy little city.

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Michelle Jones said...

I'm wore out just reading all of this. My life is very tame and way boring right now. lol