Friday, February 22, 2013

Aimee is Engaged!

Aimee's boyfriend, Alex, proposed to her on Valentine's Day so it's official! They will be married at the Columbus Temple on Saturday, November 30th. To say that Aimee is excited would be an understatement, and the two of them together radiate happiness. It's fun to watch young love and be reminded of what it was like when we were young, naive, and so in love that nothing else mattered!

It's funny to think that moving to a small town in the middle of nowhere has led Aimee to her eternal companion. God moves in mysterious ways. We had all thought that she'd find a guy out at BYU-I, but he was waiting in this little corner of Ohio the whole time.

When they first met Alex was thinking of getting Aimee together with one of the other singles in the ward. Neither were really looking for a relationship. All three hung out together and were friends but there was no chemistry between Aimee and the other young man. Pretty soon it was just Aimee and Alex hanging out most of the time and it came to a point where Alex had to ask her if they were dating or not! It's a wonderful thing to start out as good friends and then realize that friendship was only the beginning. Alex is a kind, quiet, gentle guy and we are enjoying getting to know him better. We have no doubt that he will treat Aimee well.

Aimee will be heading back to Idaho in April for her last semester on campus. She will have 3 more classes to take online during the summer and then she'll have her associates degree. (The only thing we required of her before she got married...we thought that would hold it off until she was 21, but I guess being a couple months shy of that isn't too bad.)

Now it's on to wedding planning- something Aimee relishes and I cringe at! Thankfully, Aimee is willing to work with her mom's idiosyncrasies and limitations and is happily finding decorating ideas, lining up a photographer, and searching for the perfect dress while letting me work on the announcements and wedding website. She's got colors picked out, bridesmaids lined up, and ideas for centerpieces and decorations. We're really happy for Aimee and Alex.




Heather said...

Wow! What a ring! So beautiful. I am excited for Aimee and for you too, Patty. That will be fun to welcome someone new to the family. :)

Corrie- said...

Congratulations to you all! I just assumed that they met at school, and find it so cool that he's from OH. I'm sure the wedding and reception will be a beautiful start to a blissful marriage with Amy's creativity and your work ethic. Congrats again!

Mama D said...

I'm so happy for them! I'm hoping I will be able to come to the wedding. (But we also have Jeff's graduation in May, Jeff and Laney's wedding the following Mar, and Ryan and Laney's graduation that May... plus Sarah's mission and every day life...) We'll save and hope!

I'm so excited for you guys as parents, and for Aimee and Alex!