Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Career?

This week I'm staying near Columbus to get my 40 Hour Hazwoper training. (Hazwoper stands for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response.) This means that I will not only be able to respond to non-hazardous spills like diesel, but will be able to respond to all the hazardous stuff too. Not that I think we're going to be dealing with much of that in Steubenville, but it's always good to have "just in case."
David is thrilled that I'm curious enough about his work to go through this training, and I'm finding that not only am I interested, but I am really enjoying it! It's really fascinating to learn about how waste management came about, what makes a chemical "hazardous" or toxic, and how to identify and then figure out what to do with different chemicals. I'm also finding that all these years I've spent listening to David and asking questions has really paid off. I've known small things that no one else in the class had any clue about and most of what I'm learning isn't "new", it's just more in-depth and somewhat better explained in some cases.
I don't think I want to go take an organic chemistry class (yikes!) but I am loving learning about chemicals in this atmosphere. It seemed really strange on the first day to be the only woman in a room with 12 other guys, but the more we go over, the more I realize that I know enough already to be really comfortable with most of the topics and I don't see anything strange about wanting to get into this field. You're not going to see me out working general jobs with the guys, though. Call me a prima donna, but I will only work on jobs that my husband is in charge of. I trust him to watch out for me, teach me, and still treat me like a lady.. or something close to it! Let's just say that I don't think that would be the case with some of the other guys.
It's funny to listen to the guys talk, especially when they make a comment about "women" in general... and then quickly follow it up with a disclaimer of some sort so that I won't take offense! As if. It's not like I don't know what guys out in the world think of most women, or how they talk or act. In some cases it's entertaining, in others it's sad to see such disrespect, and in other cases it just is what it is. It makes me more and more thankful that I've got a husband who loves me, wants to be best friends with me, loves spending time with me, and sees me as an asset and a blessing in his life.
And soon, I'm going to be an even greater asset with this training! ;)
Nothing quite like a week with "average" guys to bring that to the top of my thankful list again!!

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Papa D said...

Thanks for the definition of "hazwoper". Given my sense of humor, I didn't want to "hazard" a guess. ;-)

Your husband really is a good man. Please tell him how much I respect and admire him.