Thursday, November 8, 2012

Steubenville: My Observations

Life is definitely different for me now. In some ways it's changed for the better, in others... not so much. I thought I'd share some of the differences I've noticed so far:

In our new ward there are fewer people. That's good because I do better in smaller groups, but bad because there are fewer people to fill callings and less people to become friends with. The building is also much smaller, which makes it cosy and easier to clean!

Our new ward doesn't have a chili cook off, trunk or treat, or monthly Relief Society meetings. I can't really find the good in that one, but on the flip side, they have potluck meals after church more often, and they'll have a Christmas dinner next month. (And the food has been good so far! lol)

Another really neat thing about our ward is the number of young men who go on missions. Keep in mind, this is a small ward... but they have had every active young man leave on a mission. In the 6 months that we've been here, one has come home, one has left, and one got his mission papers. Oh, and another is coming home this month too.

We live in a much smaller city in an area where there isn't much to do. Obviously that can be a disadvantage, especially when my husband is required to stay within 30 minutes or so almost all the time because he's on call, but it's also been a plus- we spend more time outdoors on the weekend on  hiking trails and have more time to relax during the week. We do have to wear our orange safety vests while hiking now, though. Hunting season: It's popular here.

People here are very down-to-earth and practical. I've met many who grow large gardens, can their own food, hunt for meat, and like to shoot guns for fun. This actually appeals to me, except for the canning part. I want to be more self-sufficient, would love to learn how to hunt, and already enjoy shooting practice with my hubby. Now I'm looking forward to getting a .22 revolver... something with less kickback and cheaper ammo!

I don't really have any friends. This would definitely seem like a total negative to most people, but the plus side is that my husband and I have grown closer and spend a lot more time together. Hopefully the friends will come in time, but for now I've got my hubby, trails to hike, and books to read!

I don't have a job or business here to keep me busy or provide extra income, but it's given me the time and freedom to volunteer at the county genealogical society, helping to prepare documents to be digitized. I really enjoy the work, am happy to be of service, and love reading some of the old documents. People haven't really changed all that much in the last 80 years, and the wealthier you are, the more paperwork you create when you die!

They have "Sicilian" pizza out here... which is pizza with a really thick crust. Yum! David isn't as big a fan, but since I'm a bread lover, it's right up my alley. There's also a much bigger Italian influence in this area so pizza and Italian foods are prevalent. So are fresh made subs at convenience stores. I've never seen it before, but most of the convenience-type stores here have a little deli where you can get a sub made to order.

The town shuts down by about 8:30 at night. Just drive down the main street at 9pm and enjoy the absence of cars and the closed businesses. Restaurants and Walmart are still open but most of the rest of the town is closed up by 8:30, if not earlier.

This is Steelers country. No Bengals or Reds. Not like I'm a fan of any of these teams, but they make it obvious that the Steelers are the local team to root for.

Things I miss about Cincinnati: my friends, great parks, great couponing deals, Channel 12 News (Bob Herzog!), better selection at the library and longer borrowing time, museums, King's Island,  things to do, Skyline chili, Marco's pizza, and Little Caesar's (can't get a $5 pizza here!)

Things I like about Steubenville: having a free outdoor firing range, good hiking trails in the area, great pizza, friendly people, goofy local ads and seeing the same exact news on 2 of the different channels (literally, we get channel 7 news on channel 6!!)


Mama D said...

I like the balanced approach to your move and adjustment. Moving is hard, but you are trying to see the good things and be optimistic about the not-so-good things in your new city. Maybe I should write a similar post about our moves... :)

Papa D said...

"free outdoor firing range"

I had to laugh, since that reminds me so much of Alabama.