Friday, September 14, 2012

"I Am"

It's reassuring to me that Jesus refers to Himself as "I Am."
Notice how it's not "I Was" or "I Can Be" or "I Will Be Someday." He is Christ right now, just as He has been for all people in all times. I don't understand how that can be, but knowing that He is beyond time is comforting.
He hasn't forgotten us or decided that His work is done. He isn't some superbeing who will show up at a future time to save the world (although He will physically come again).
He is. He is present and He is now. Which means He knows all the problems, troubles, and concerns of our world. He knows what I face every day, and He understands the struggles I have in this modern world. He is always present.
He is "I Am."

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Mama D said...

Thank you. I needed this reminder and succinct focus.

He is.

And so am I.

I am me, and I need to accept myself as I am, even as I know I can continue to become more like Him.