Monday, July 2, 2012

Blessings Even While Drifting

As useless as I feel lately, I can't ignore the many blessings and tender mercies of the Lord in my life (and it would be wrong to post about my feelings of self-pity and not about how much I've been given) so here it goes:

Recent Blessings:
  • Being able to go to Columbus with David for work physicals this past Friday. It may not be a romantic getaway, but it was fun to ride in his big work truck, visit North Market and spend some time alone.
  • Getting home safely from Columbus during severe thunderstorms. We were able to stay ahead of most of the storms (and damage) and made it home with only minor delays (having to drive much slower on the interstate because of the heavy rain.)
  • Having electricity. The lights went off and on a couple of times but never fully went out. I feel very lucky to have power, which also translates into A/C, refrigeration, and other creature comforts.
  • Being invited to join a couple from our new ward for the 4th of July. I may not have friends yet, but we're still being welcomed like family.
  • Having a husband who loves me and puts up with me, and lets me have my way sometimes, too. lol
  • Reading good books. Nothing heavy or philosophical lately. Just fun, easy, interesting books.
  • Having access to a library system that can get the books I want from others throughout the state. Coming from the Cincinnati library system where there is an abundance of books, I was dismayed to find that our local library had a limited selection. Then I found out that they share books with many other small libraries throughout the state. I can place books on hold and they get them from other locations. Yay!
  • Living in a neighborhood where I feel safe. This has always been important with David's work and the possibility of him being gone at night or even for days on end, and I have no fears at all in my new home even when I'm alone.
  • Losing enough weight that I have had to buy new clothes. Mind you, shopping is NOT something I enjoy (unless it's Lowe's...) but knowing that I've shrunk enough to need a smaller size is really gratifying!
  • Finally finding 2 pairs of capris that fit! (The lack of clothing that fits my body type definitely contributes to my dislike of shopping, so finding ones that fit is something to celebrate!)
  • Sharing Skyline chili with the missionaries here in Steubenville. I'm so glad I had some left in my freezer! Yum!
  • Getting over a cold quickly. It kept me down (somewhat) on Saturday and Sunday but I feel much better already today. :)
  • Going on a hike at Jefferson Lake State Park. It was beautiful, quiet, and totally renewed my spirit. I'm also grateful that the snake Aimee almost stepped on wasn't aggressive (and hopefully not poisonous. ?)
  • There's a drive in theater here! I haven't had a chance to go to it yet, but I'm definitely looking forward to it.
  • Aimee has made two friends already, and the singles in our ward seem to have plenty of activities. She's gone to singles FHE almost every Monday and has gone to a couple of game nights and one or two other activities.
  • Planting flowers in my backyard. I love seeing greenery and colors when I step out back. David thinks it's weird to have a tomato and pepper plant in the middle of this, but I think they're beautiful in their own way, too.
  • Having a gas stove. Granted, it is much hotter to use the gas oven, but overall I am really happy to finally have a gas stove again. And I've got the best of both worlds- the gas oven for winter and my electric wall oven for the summer!
  • Finding really good grapes at the grocery store. Everyone knows that finding good fruit can be a hit or miss proposition, but I found big, juicy, sweet grapes for only $1/lb. last week. They've been a wonderful treat!
  • Being 99% unpacked. Don't look in my computer room, but everywhere else looks really good now.
  • Finding a really cool, old cemetery to go walking in (it's on the National Register of Historic Places.) It reminds me somewhat of Spring Grove Cemetery but it's a bit wilder with more hills.
  • Going to the local Flea Market and finding that it's bigger than what I thought it would be. I'm not likely to find much there, but it was still fun to walk around and check out all the junk. I've got my eye on a 3 person glider for the front porch, and the baby bunnies were tempting...
  • Being reminded by a friend that I'm missed.
  • Playing Words with Friends with my Mom on David's iPhone. She's got me hooked on it! Unfortunately, I can only play it when David is home and during the right hours (the 3 hour time difference can be tricky sometimes.)
  • Having the strength to keep going. This year has been really rough. Between losing my best kitty friend, having to move, and dealing with transitions (Aimee graduating, and soon heading off to college) there have been times when I've wondered how I was going to make it. God has propped me up and kept me moving forward through it all.


Erin said...

Hey - next time you're in Columbus, call me!!! I'd love, love, LOVE to see you! Glad you're finding a silver lining or two along your journey. Moving is hard (always surprises me, even though I've done it a fair number of times), but it does get easier!

Mama D said...

Hooray for recognizing blessings even as you are still adjusting!! Congrats on the weight loss, new clothes, being safe, making new friends, discovering the wonders of inter-library loan (I had to do that in Canton), and the ability to just keep going.

It's not always easy, but it is worth it in the end.

Love and miss you!!