Thursday, June 21, 2012


Another fun tidbit about smalltown Steubenville- the local tv stations (CBS, ABC and FOX) are all owned by the same company... and if you change channels from CBS to ABC you'll see the exact same local news broadcast on both!! Not only that, but we also get Jeopardy on NBC out here... everywhere else we've lived it's been on ABC. I didn't think shows like that changed stations, but out here it does.

Aside from our office/guest room, most of the house is about 95% unpacked. We've started working on hanging pictures on the walls. Unfortunately there's only so much unpacking a person can do so I took a break today to do some baking- we've got a fresh loaf of wheat bread, homemade peanut butter granola bars, and hard-boiled eggs (okay, so the eggs don't actually count as baking or even cooking, but at least I got them done!) It feels good to have some homemade food (aside from what I've been throwing together for dinners.) I'd probably feel like doing more cooking if it wasn't 90+ degrees outside.

I've also taken time to do a little couponing/grocery shopping and found a good hair salon where Aimee got a really cute haircut. I've found that the local Walmart is pretty nice (for a Walmart), the Kroger is nice, Riesbeck's (local grocery store) smells like fresh donuts even after noon, the Kmart is not worth going into, Goodwill is overpriced and gross, Aldi's is about the same as in Cincy, and JCPenney is sold out of capris in my size. Oh, and there are 2 used appliance places in town that are both dirty and gross and the only other places to find appliances are Lowe's and Sears- unless we want to drive 45 minutes or more. That just about covers the shopping available in town. Good thing I'm not much into shopping, but it would be nice to be able to find some capris that fit and a decent used stove!

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Mama D said...

Your descriptions of Steubenville remind me of Canton - and Steubenville is larger than Canton. It's amazing what we take for granted when it's easily available and how much more more we learn to appreciate it when it takes effort (or a longer drive) to get it!

Glad you are becoming familiar with your new city and looking for the benefits!