Sunday, March 4, 2012

In Memory of the Best Cat Ever

Bear with a bottle of Dr Pepper (not his usual beverage of choice!)
Bear as a kitten, giving kisses- something he was known for throughout his life.
Bear in the bathroom sink- one of his favorite places to hang out.
Bear being naughty.
Bear as a tiny kitten. He always loved being in the laundry basket.
Bear stretched out on my lap- a common place to find him!
Bear letting Aimee cuddle with him. He was always eager to please.

Today I said goodbye to my best friend. It was unexpected and just not fair to lose him the way I did. I'm talking about my cat, Bear. I know many people don't like pets or don't understand how attached you can become to them, but to those who have had and lost a special pet, they understand how devastating it is.
Bear got sick about a week ago- he wasn't as interested in food, seemed tired, and gradually grew weaker. By the time I got him to the vet on Friday we found out he was severely anemic (normal count is around 30- his was around 10- fatal is around 7.) The vet did some blood work and the news was bad. It looked like cancer. Bear was given a shot of steroids and pills to take at home in the hopes that his blood count would come back up, but it never did. He continued to very rapidly grow weaker. By Saturday night I knew what was coming but didn't want to face it. Honestly, I'm surprised he didn't pass during the night. Sunday morning Bear was so weak he couldn't take 5 steps without collapsing and then crying. I knew then that it was time to say goodbye. I also knew he would keep fighting to stay with me. Sunday at 12:30 we had the vet end his suffering. I stayed with him till the very end.

The house seems much emptier now. I still have 3 other cats, but it just isn't the same. Bear was MY cat. He was my constant companion- he was there at the window to greet me when I got home, he followed me to the bathroom to get water from the faucets, he often stretched out beside me on the bed or slept at my feet, he was always around. We had a connection that I've never had with any other animal. He not only enjoyed attention and affection, but also gave it abundantly. He had loads of personality and a bit of a naughty side too (we haven't had glass cups for years because he would always jump on the counter and try to drink from them... which always ended up in the cup being pushed off and broken on the floor.) If I sat at the computer for too long he would jump on my lap and keep me company. My Bear cat had threaded himself into every part of my daily life- and it's going to be really lonely without him.
I wish I had more photos of him, but in typical Bear style- he would always want to come greet the person behind the camera instead of sitting still to have his picture taken.
Bear was a loving, trusting, good natured cat. Whether it was sitting to have his nails clipped or being picked up and held, he was always laid back and fun to be around. He was shy around people he didn't know but if he knew you, he loved you. I have never had a cat who was so attached to me, and I can't remember a time I've cried more. He is going to be missed.


Erin said...

Oh, Patty, I'm so sorry. You lost a great cat today...and with everything else you have going on...what a crappy day! Sending you hugs.

Mama D said...

I am so sorry to hear this. I know how much you loved your Bear! ((virtual hugs))

Shayleen Lunt said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss! I was wondering why you guys weren't at church today and now I understand. I'll be thinking of you lots! Love ya!

Papa D said...

I'm sorry to hear this, Patty. It's never easy to lose a loved one, and Bear obviously was a loved one.

Please call Michelle - or text and let her call you some evening. I know she'd love to talk with you again.

Coranetta Greer said...

To each one of you that had a strong attactment & love for"BEAR", I am truly sorry to hear of your loss. I too know what it feels like to lose a cat and a dog that you've devoted a lot of time, money and affections on. With all the other changes going on in your lives at this time, I'm sorry it had to be what became
a family member.

Leslie said...

I am so sorry. I do understand, and it hurts and is hard and just so, so sad. :(