Saturday, August 20, 2011


Here are some pictures I took on a hike out at one of the trails that are part of Miami University's nature areas. Today's hike was a little over 4 miles and it was wonderful- quiet, shady, peaceful, plenty of variety in the scenery, and a really fun swinging bridge, too!

View of the creek from the swinging bridge.

Another view of the creek from a different spot.

Some of the woods and undergrowth.

This is a fun bridge!

David didn't like it as much, and wouldn't go across until I was all the way across and done jumping on it!!

View of the other side of the creek from the bridge.

Cool looking rock with moss.

David on the trail.


Anonymous said...

Yep, I knew you'd be the type to jump on a bridge! Looks like you had a beautiful day together.

Louann and Bari said...

That last comment was from your best bff-Louann - don't know why ol' Blogger didn't know it was from me....

Mama D said...

What a peaceful place to hike! Glad the two of you had fun!

Gramma said...

I am living my life through those pictures. I want to BE there right NOW!!!