Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just Because

I feel kinda guilty because I should be trying to finish reading our book group's book for this month (The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.) We're meeting on Thursday, the book is already one day overdue, and... worst of all... I know there's a hold on the book. Which means I'm being terribly selfish in not finishing it asap and getting it back to the library. (If you're the one who has a hold on it, I'm sorry.)

But I really wanted to be able to blog quickly before my daughter gets home and things get noisy and busy again. Last week was so crazy busy that I rarely had time to sit down, much less be able to read a book. Which is a total shame because I LOVE this book! So much so that I'm probably going to buy it. So it's not like I'm just putting it off because it would be an unpleasant chore, or anything. I just really wanted to take time to do something else for myself for a little while!

Right now I've got some dough mixing in the breadmaker (hopefully it will turn into two lovely loaves of french bread later. First try on this type so we'll see!) I've also gotten the house cleaned and vacuumed, three loads of laundry finished and put away, and coupons sorted for half a dozen ladies who want to pick them up at church tonight. Oh, I did 40 minutes on my elliptical and worked on my husband's talk for church this Sunday, too. (He came up with the content but I help him with the organization and writing. We're kinda like Moses and Aaron... )

Since I already mentioned coupons, that's my latest addiction. And boy is it fun! Not only do I love saving money, but I've also been able to "find" large quantities of coupon inserts and am able to help about 20 other families with their grocery bills. David and I routinely pick up the papers, sort through to remove the inserts, and return the remaining paper. Then I get to divide up the haul. The real fun comes when I start matching up the coupons with sales (using websites who do most of the work for me!) This week we got: 4 packs of Ballpark franks, 12 bottles taco bell hot sauce, 16 packets of taco bell seasoning, 8 (1 lb.) boxes of cat food, 2 packages of smoked sausage, 6 bottles of Chi Chi's salsa, a bottle of Off repellant, and 4 cans of Hormel chili... for less than $18! (Retail value was well over $60!) Whoohoo!!

Last week we went to an awards assembly for Aimee's school. She was on honor roll again, but this time she made it into the Top 15 in her Junior class!! We are so proud of her! This year has been a huge struggle for her and the work hasn't come naturally and easily as it has in years past. I'm really proud of her for sticking with classes that weren't pleasant or that were extremely challenging (or both!) We're all relieved that the AP tests are done and school is out in two weeks. Now if she can just find a job for the summer...

One of the very best things that's happened lately was being able to go to the Temple with David on Saturday. We had to leave by 7:00 am, but that was nice because it was still quiet and peaceful outside and traffic was light. David and I both needed the break from this noisy world and being inside the Temple provides such a wonderful experience of peace and comfort. It made me ponder the mercy and love that Heavenly Father has for His children. After all, He took the time to make sure this beautiful earth was fully formed, landscapes were created, it was planted and had plenty of vegetation for survival and enjoyment, and everything was done and ready before He put us on it. Let's face it... He could have made it, left it in a rough state and put us on it to try to form it into something usable. But instead He gave us everything we needed: sun, rain, land, water, trees, plants, animals, night & day, and enough knowledge to know how to use most of the resources. After watching a movie on the Hubble telescope and seeing just how many planets, galaxies, and such are out there, and how rare ours is, and how much it took for this earth to be the perfect residence for humans- I am in awe of how wonderful, amazing, and loving our God is.

It sure was nice to just sit and share some of my thoughts again, but now it's time for Aimee to get home from school and that book is calling me!

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