Monday, April 11, 2011

More Updates

This time my lack of blogging hasn't been so much because of being overly busy (okay, maybe a little bit because of that) but mainly because I live such a boring life that I've got nothing interesting to post!! Blah!

I enjoyed Saturday's sessions of General Conference, and it didn't hurt that the missionaries watched it with us. The more the merrier, as always! Elder Holgreen was on a lucky winning streak with general conference bingo... or maybe it was just that the rest of us were paying more attention to the talks themselves!! lol

Poor David picked up a stomach virus and was sick all day Saturday. He's got a weak stomach to begin with and this bug was a really nasty one. I felt really bad for him, especially since all I could do was make a run to the store to pick up gatorade to try to keep him hydrated. He didn't get to enjoy any of the goodies I made (including homemade cinnamon rolls.)

As luck would have it, I ended up with the bug on Sunday so I only caught some of the morning session. I was kinda caught by surprise because it's been years since I've gotten that sick. In fact, it had been over 16 years since I last threw up. Add to that so much body pain that I couldn't sleep or even read and I was miserable with a capital M. I guess it was time for a reminder for me to appreciate good health. (It worked. I am so happy to feel pretty good again!!)

It took a few days to fully recover but thankfully by the end of the week I was back to feeling "normal" again. It felt good to get outside and mow the lawn, clean up my gardening boxes, and do some general yardwork. Maybe this will be the year that I finally tame my yard and have it looking good for more than just a month!! Of course, that will only be true if it quits raining non-stop but doesn't go straight into drought conditions!!

David has still been busy with work, but has also made time to take care of some stuff around the house. This last Saturday he installed a new water filtration system under the sink. We had used the pur faucet filters for years but have been increasingly dissatisfied with their performance so I researched systems and found one that sounded like a good fit. David had it installed within an hour and we are now enjoying clean, clear, tasteless water! Yea!

Wanna know how we spent part of our tax return this year? New windows! Whoohoo!! I am pretty excited about this. Not only do we have a few windows that are fogged, but we have sliders, which I hate. They are the hardest windows in the world to keep clean and I have dreamt of replacing them with double-hung ones for years. After finding out that the difference in price between having them fixed and having them replaced was only a couple hundred dollars, we decided to go ahead and replace the three upstairs ones with part of the tax return. We didn't have enough to do all the windows in the house, but this is a good start! They get installed tomorrow and I am sooo looking forward to laying in my bed and actually being able to see outside again!

I've really been enjoying working part-time with David. It helps that I can usually work from home and can usually set my own hours. It's nice feeling like I'm doing something productive (oustide of laundry, dishes, meals, etc.) and it doesn't hurt to be making a bit of money while doing it either!

I'm helping out now with the Activity Days girls at church (ages 8-11) and will be in charge for the next month or two since our leader just had a baby. This is a huge challenge because I am not a naturally creative or fun person. Thankfully, there are lots of great ideas online!! I thought it was already a challenge to teach the 9-11 year old girls on Sundays, but this requires a lot more imagination and creativity. I enjoy being around the girls and am hoping that I can come up with some activities that will keep their attention (at least for a short while!) and help them have fun, too. I think I'm ready for tomorrow night's activity....

I can't think of anything else I've been doing that would be of any interest for anyone to read about. Shoot, we haven't even had a game night in months because of David's crazy schedule. But everything is going pretty good for us and we have good things to look forward to (like warmer weather, planting flowers, visiting Hocking Hills in June, etc.)

At book group a couple of months ago we discussed the book "eat, pray, love" and one of the things brought up was the idea that the author had to choose one word to describe herself... so we all tried to think of what our one word would be. Like a dunce, I couldn't think of anything off the top of my head, but after giving it some thought... I think my word would be content. Not that I always am content, but it's something I'd like to strive for. To be content with who I am, where I am, and what I have. (And besides, it sounded a whole lot better than inadequate, invisible, insecure, or boring!)


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Papa D said...

How about "super-fab-tab-ulous"?! :-)