Wednesday, March 9, 2011

General Update

David has had a huge spill going on for over a month now, and we're both about ready for it to be over. (His client is, too- especially after seeing the first invoice!!)
David has been working 70-90 hours a week and has been lucky to get a day or two off here and there. (So far he's only had one full weekend off.) Needless to say, he's exhausted. I honestly don't know how he does it. He's been working since 7:00 yesterday morning and he won't be home until (maybe) sometime this afternoon or evening. He was able to get a couple of hours' sleep yesterday afternoon, but not nearly enough to keep a body going for this long!
Unfortunately, every time it rains it creates puddles (and ponds) of contaminated water that has to be vacuumed up. Which means David is called out again. All this lovely spring rain has been anything but welcome to us!
This is what life is like for David right now. I feel bad for him. It's not like this is a nice company to work for in the first place. (Imagine a place where the owner charges an employee when he forgets to bring the right equipment to a site, or misses a charge on the billing... Yeah, we're pretty sure that's not legal.) At least he has a job, though. I know it could be worse.
We're really looking forward to having this particular job done. It will be good to get back to "normal" family life and spending quality time together. It will be especially nice to have conversations that don't revolve around work. Did I mention that I'm working as his administrative assistant now? I'm happy to help him stay caught up and take care of things that he literally isn't around to do at this point. But it also tends to blur the lines of where work starts and stops. It's much better when he's around enough to keep things caught up so that we then have time to talk about something more than what's still needing to be done.

I, on the other hand, am doing pretty well. No serious complaints. I've been enjoying working and also taking a couple of online classes (nothing that I get college credit for- just for the sake of learning.) I've also had more time to read and have found a few good books lately. I wish I could say I've been doing all sorts of amazing or interesting things, but I just haven't been motivated enough to do any serious baking, crafting, home repairs, or anything else. I did do a tune-up on David's car, if that counts. And I'm getting quotes to have some windows repaired/replaced. I'm still waiting for the rain to stop for more than a day or two so I can fix a crack in the basement. (Not like I'm real eager to do that one anyways.) I'm getting back into the routine of exercising after losing my beloved elliptical. The treadmill just isn't as pleasant as the elliptical was!

Poor Aimee is somewhat in the same position as David. She's really being challenged this year in school. We'll all be relieved when her hardest AP test is done in May. She's mostly keeping up, sometimes just barely. But she has also taken on a part-time babysitting job and she loves that. It's only one or two nights a week but it's been a great experience for her. She enjoys being with children and was complaining that no one ever used her for babysitting... and then she got this opportunity! She's still trying to figure out what path she wants to take college-wise. After doing the teacher academy program at school this year she's pretty sure she doesn't want to be a teacher. She's now leaning more towards becoming a graphic artist or maybe even a genetic researcher. I could see her doing great in either.

That's our life right now. We're busy but surviving, sometimes stressed but mostly happy, and not often together right now but looking forward to more family time soon!


Mama D said...

Life has a way of throwing both good and bad our way. I think you guys are handling your ups and downs admirably well!

I can see Aimee as a graphic artist!

Papa D said...

Thanks for the update. Patty. Tell David and Aimee we think of you guys often.

Erin said...

Fun to read your update...give me a call when things calm down; I'd love to get together!

Jennifer Andersen said...

We miss you guys. We miss Aimee babysitting too. My sister goes to college next year so we'll have to find a new babysitter. I wish we still had Aimee around. :)