Friday, November 19, 2010

The Rugged Path

I love walking outdoors. Correction- I love walking outdoors on a nature path or trail. I don't particularly enjoy strolling along on a paved path along a lake or through some neighborhood. (I still find ways to enjoy those walks, but they aren't first choice for me.) I prefer to have gravel and dirt under my feet, trees and other obstacles, varied terrain, and even some steep parts.

This got me to thinking about my path in life. I'm not often on the smooth, paved one that just goes around and around in a predictable pattern. No, my path is usually winding up and down, around trees, through creeks, over logs, and requires plenty of exertion. I think I prefer it that way. After all, we never get any stronger if we don't face and overcome obstacles. If we want to hike to the top of a mountain we're going to have to master the hills first.

I imagine heaven as my long sought after vista... that moment when you push through the trees into a sunny spot that looks out into forever. The path to get there isn't easy or smooth. In fact, it's one heck of a climb... but the view will be well worth it!


Mama D said...

What a fabulous analogy! Maybe the reason I "kick against the pricks" when faced with challenges is because I prefer the paved walkways. Hmm, something to think about...

Papa D said...

I love this, Patty! Once again, I will be linking to one of your posts on my own blog at some point in the future.