Thursday, September 9, 2010

We Could

If I was a single raindrop
I could drown a gnat
Or relieve the thirst of a mouse

But if I was part of a rainstorm
We could fill wells
And melt into the earth
To become part of everything that grows

If I was a single sunbeam
I would shine dimly
And struggle to share my warmth

But if I was one of millions of sunbeams
We could bring light to the darkest day
And give energy to every living creature

If I was a single body
I could do some good in this world
Until I reached my limits

But if I was part of the human family
We could join together to change the world
And love would become tangible


Mama D said...

Awesome poem! Who wrote it?

Papa D said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this, Patty.

Patty said...

Mama- It's one I wrote this morning.

Mama D said...

I wondered if you had... It's fantastic!

chelle said...

WOWZER! LOVE it! Keep em coming. :)

Dallas, Dad, Big D & I said...

I enjoy writing poetry from time to time and really enjoyed yours. It reminded me that individually though we can do much good that when we band together in righteous activities that we can multiply the good we can do. Thus the purpose of families, church and so forth. Thanks for the reminder!