Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Recent Pics

A good "Mommy-Daughter" picture. This was one of the few where we weren't being goofy. Nothing like a digital camera and two slap-happy gals to kill some time!

Aimee "torturing" Bear.

Aimee & I being silly.

David looks good in black & white!

I fell off Chloe early last week. Here's what part of the injury looked like.
(I didn't get any good pics of the scratches up and down my arm.)
I didn't even realize that I was scratched up until I had David check to see how bad the
bruising was. There was very little pain associated with this but it looked so gruesome I wanted some pictures of it!!
This is later in the week when the bruising was showing up better and the scratches had healed. (Aimee held her hand up to it to show how large the bruise was.)

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Mama D said...

I miss spending time with you two silly, slap-happy gals!! David looks extremely comfortable! And those scratches look vicious. Glad you weren't in a lot of pain from your fall.