Monday, July 5, 2010

Just to Appease My Hubby

David keeps bugging me about updating my blog so I'm doing this just for him.
Unfortunately, I don't really have much to say. My finger is all healed up (I'll have a cool looking scar to remind me not to be stupid again!) Aimee had a great time at girl's camp last week. It was quiet around the house while she was gone but David and I enjoyed some time alone, even if we were so busy that we didn't actually relax much (except for one night at King's Island... found out we both love Flight of Fear!!)
Somehow the summer months have been even busier than the school months, which came as a surprise to me. Usually things slow down some and I'm at able to catch up on sleep, but I haven't hardly slept past 7am (I think I've slept as late as 8:30 three times. That's it.)
I'm trying hard not to sound all whiny and negative in this post. I'm dealing with severe pain right now and it's making me kinda cranky. David keeps mistaking my pain looks for dirty looks. I did something to my back and/or hip and the pain ranges from barely bearable to excruciating. I saw the chiropractor on Thursday and got a little relief (enough to walk again) but the pain was back in force by Sunday. I'm really grateful for David, he's really been helping me out a lot over the past week since I'm mostly stuck sitting on the couch (even laying down hurts.)
The good news is that Sunday is over so now I should be able to rest a little more. I taught in Relief Society on Sunday and I think it went well. Had a lot of participation from the ladies, which usually makes for a good lesson. I had meetings on Sunday until 2:30 and then had to go out to do a food order, come home and grill burgers and dogs and eventually watch fireworks from the high school parking lot.
My mother-in-law came for a visit on Friday and it's been nice to catch up again. She was able to ride with me to pick up Aimee from camp on Saturday (and got to see the silly, giggly side of her granddaughter... it's fun to listen to two teenage girls when they've had very little sleep!!) My MIL heads back up to Findlay sometime today but will be back on Friday with my sister-in-law and two nephews. I'm hoping my back lets up some by then so I can fully enjoy the visit! (And get my house properly cleaned!!)
Now I'm off to buy fabric at Joann's so that Aimee can make the rest of her clothes for trek. I'm so thankful that Sarah H. is willing to help her make them. Not only are my sewing skills remedial at best, but at this point I wouldn't be able to physically help much with it. I think Aimee is actually getting excited about trek, now. (A huge turnaround from 3 weeks ago when she was refusing to go!!) I think it'll be a great experience for her.
The last update is on Chloe. She's doing fantastic. She's leading well, learned to tie, has been getting used to all sorts of scary stuff (like spray bottles and waving hands!) and I've actually been able to get on her and have David lead her around. (Won't try that again until the pain lets up though...) I'm very happy with her progress and am praying that my body heals enough to be able to keep working with her!
That's my update for now. It's nothing exciting or probably even interesting, and I haven't even written about 75% of the stuff I've actually been doing, but now my hubby can't say I haven't updated it in weeks!


Karen said...

I feel your pain. My back goes out far more than I would like and the Chiropractor bills show it. Back pain makes life miserable for me and my family. I hope you heal quickly!

Mama D said...

Any update from you is a good update! I'm glad things are going well, and that Aimee had fun at camp and is going on trek. I sure hope you find relief from your back pain soon!!

chelle said...

I am so sorry to hear you have hurt your back. :(
Back pain is THE worst! Who better than David to understand how difficult it is to do anything with back pain. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you out. :)