Monday, May 3, 2010

Feeling grateful today

Some days I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. There are so many needs and only one of me. I want to reach out to everyone I know and tell them how much I love them and be there to help them. Unfortunately, I'm mortal... and a fairly mediocre one at that. I'm often taken out by exhaustion, worry and discouragement.
But then I look around and see how well most of the women I know and love reach out to and take care of each other and I'm so grateful for the way they lighten my burden. Every act of service is a strength to me. To see such love in action is an example I need constantly before me. (Have I mentioned that I struggle greatly with cynicism??!)
When I'm really in touch with God I also remember to ask Jesus to share my load. When I put on His yoke it's so much lighter. He's so strong and willing to carry the majority of the burden. He makes it possible for me to do so much more than I can do on my own. Sometimes He even tells me "Stop... take a breather... I'll wait patiently while you take a break. When you're able we'll pick it up and head down that road again, together."
I know I've complained and made jokes about the stresses of my calling as Relief Society President. To say that it's stretched me would be an understatement. But I've also come to appreciate that I've grown in ways that probably wouldn't have been achieved any other way, or might have taken many more years to accomplish. This "trial" is also one of my greatest blessings.
I'm just so grateful for everything I've learned, for all the amazing women who have influenced my life, and for the tender mercies of the Lord.

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