Friday, April 16, 2010

"As for aging, don't fear it. Aging is a return to your true self. The mind understands time, the heart does not." (From "Cat of the Century" by Rita Mae Brown)

Just goes to show... you never know where you'll find little tidbits of wisdom! (I certainly wasn't expecting any in this book!)


Cassie said...

So I may show my stupidity here. but alas. . .
I was watching what not to wear, and this mother was dressing like preteens. You could tell she really feared growing older, it was almost strange to see so visibly.
I get the first part of the quote, and the middle. but here's where I show my stupidity. I see how you can understand time better as you get older. . . but what do you think is meant by "the heart does not." eh? I wondering if I need to read the book to understand. OR do I just need to get older?

Okay maybe I just want to know you thoughts on it.

Plus it was kind of weird I was thinking about this sort of this tonight as well. . . who says TLC isn't thought provoking.

Patty said...

I think it's saying that our hearts aren't affected by time the way our minds are, probably because they are the essence of who we always have been (heart=soul?), whereas the mind is an accumulation of what we've learned during "time" on earth. That's my best guess anyways. I liked the first part of the quote best, too.