Monday, March 8, 2010

Feeling Triumphant!

We had our first game night (where people actually showed up..) and it was great! Definitely something we want to do on a regular basis. (Let me know if you want an invite!) It's a shame I'm up so early most mornings (which makes late evenings hard) and that we have something planned for every Saturday this month or else I'd try to fit another one in!! It helped boost my confidence in opening my home to friends and knowing that I can host something somewhat successfully. (I'll work on getting better!)
Another big triumph for me was teaching in Relief Society yesterday. Teaching always makes me nervous, but this time it wasn't too bad. Dare I say that I'm actually getting used to it?? I even messed up (forgot to cut up and hand out quotes for sisters to read) but still managed to pick up and keep going (with a big thanks to Bobbye for her help!!) It also helped that all the women were very happy and in high spirits. (I think they brought more joy than the lesson did. Totally felt like I was preaching to the choir!!)
I was also able to finish the repair to the basement wall and get all my shelves and stuff back in place on Saturday. It's amazing how much bigger my basement seems when everything isn't pushed to the middle of the floor!
I'm just feeling good that so many good things happened over the weekend. And the sun is shining too. It doesn't get much better than this!


chelle said...

What?!?! You get better at hosting? You were totally fine. Better than fine. We had a great time!
I seriously want to do it at my house as well. But, I need to get some cooler games first. lol I guess I could have people bring some right?!?
YAY for getting your basement back in order. It ALWAYS feels good to have things order doesn't? :)
*raises hand* we want to be invited back again when you get through all the folks. :D
I have found when I get comfy in a calling, I usually get another maybe it's not such a bad thing to be getting used to it. ;-)

Mama D said...

There is SO much awesome-ness in this post!! Hooray for such fabulous things!

I'm sad to miss out on the game nights. Make sure to have extra enjoyment for my benefit.