Monday, December 7, 2009


Can someone stop this ride and let me off? I'm getting motion sickness from how fast the world is turning!!
Wanna see my to-do list for this week (this is what I have so far... there will be more added, guaranteed!)

seminary every morning
clean the bathrooms
vacuum the whole house twice during the week
wash & change the sheets on my bed
making dinners
getting Christmas cards ready
wrapping gifts
mailing gifts (dreaded trip to the post office... ugh!)
baking sugar cookies
picking up flowers for a memorial service
attending memorial service
visit teaching at least one sister on my route
Relief Society business (visiting teaching changes, etc.)
visit with a sister who's new to the ward
go out with the sister missionaries to visit another new sister
grocery shopping
pay bills
buy my mom a gift
buy birthday cards for 10 different people
take Aimee to Wednesday night activities

What's crazy is that this week is SLOWER than last week!!


Mama D said...

I'm dizzy just reading your to-do list! lol

You know what makes me sad? These new sisters you will be visiting don't know the DeGraws were once part of their awesome ward... *sob* Life goes on, life goes on, life goes...

You already know this, but prioritize what needs to be done and do what you can. I promise next week will come, whether or not some of these things get shunted to your next to-do list... DON'T FORGET TO SLOW DOWN AND BREATHE AND TAKE SOME 'ME-TIME' THIS WEEK! Sounds like you'll need it to survive the busy week!

Thanks for your comments on my blog. You are a great friend!

Erin said...

Can I pick up flowers, and/or visit someone new?

Erin said...

Oh - one more thought - Jungle Jims has a post office - and there is hardly EVER a wait (it's much better than the regular post office). Maybe it can save you some time, which you could use to breathe?

Karen said...

Yikes! What a list. I would highly recommend a UPS store if you have one close. I avoid the Post Office as much as possible, especially in the month of December.