Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Don't Worry... Be Happy!

It seems to me that we all worry way too much. If it's not worrying about our kids' health or how clean our house is, then we're worrying about what others think of us or how we look. Some of us worry about what we eat or how much we weigh and others worry about being a perfect mom or reaching their full potential. We worry about money (or the lack thereof), the economy, politics, or education. There doesn't seem to be a limit on what or how much we'll worry about!

I'm not saying that there isn't a time and place for worrying, but it seems to me that maybe our time would be better spent if we worried far more about what God thinks of us than any of the other temporal concerns that bog us down every day.

Dont' get me wrong... I'm not advocating taking on yet another thing to worry about! I don't think that "worrying" about our eternal salvation and spiritual growth is something that should cause us additional stress and anxiety. Rather, "worrying" about God's opinion of us should free us from the worldly worries about everything else. If we're doing what we should and doing our best, then it will all work out. Whether we worry about it or not. God isn't going to let us down and leave us alone and comfortless. He's aware of our situation and He's going to give us the help we need, when we need it. We need to take our worries to Him and then trust in His guidance to solve our problems. It's not easy. We're human, and as such we're constantly aware of each "disaster" that affects our lives. We often live in fear of the next calamity that might hit. We worry, worry, worry and give up precious time and energy in the process.

So let's commit today to put aside our worries for an hour, a day, a week- whatever you can manage. Turn it over to the Lord and ask for His help. Then get on with your day and "worry" about what God would rather have you spending your energy on. Let the house look lived in, let the kids watch a little tv, eat a little too much chocolate and walk around in your sweats with no makeup on. Replace those worries with picking up the phone and calling someone who's lonely, reading the scriptures with your family, babysitting for a friend in need, raking someone's lawn or helping out in a school. "Worry" about what you can do to help someone else, without losing sight of everything you already do or being consumed by the need to do more than you have strength for.

God's not judging you on how perfect you can be... He's looking at the intents of your heart and seeing all the good you do and wishing that you would just relax and enjoy life a little more. He didn't create you to be consumed by all this. He sent you here to do good and to have joy.

So don't worry... be happy. Seriously.


chelle said...

Just what I needed to be reminded of today after the crappy morning I have had. I was going to let it ruin my whole day!

Mama D said...

Thanks for the perspective. Your friendship makes me happy!

Anonymous said...

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