Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Gift From God

I've been struggling a lot lately with cynicism and negativity. Part of it stems from just being so overwhelmed with everything that's being asked of me and feeling that not ony can I never get it all done but sometimes it's stuff that I don't want to do, and part of it comes from my natural personality, which tends to be ultra practical and rather cynical.
I had recognized that I needed help to overcome these thoughts and feelings because I didn't want to be thinking badly of things or to feel like certain things will never change. I knew when my complaining started becoming a form of normal conversation that I would need some heavenly help to overcome it.
I started praying that God would help me experience a change of heart, that He would help me to purge the cynicism and negativity. I thought I'd just see a gradual decrease of the negative thoughts and some extra strength to resist the urge to complain. I really should have known better by now!
Heavenly Father is so good to me at times that it literally makes me want to cry. He could have easily just given me the strength to change my own thoughts and better recognize the positive around me, but instead He sent me an angel. If someone could be described as the "pure in heart" I think this sister is it. She's so humble and unassuming that I'm sure she would never see herself as the angel in this post. She's my visiting teaching companion and she is a huge blessing in my life. She reminds me to think kindly of others and to pray for those who have upset or hurt me. She freely shares her testimony and doesn't think twice about standing up for what she believes in. I don't think she has a single cynical bone in her body and that has helped to offset the negative tendencies I have. She has helped me far more than I could ever help her. I know she has her struggles and others may not see all that I see in her, but this dear sister is truly an angel to me and I will forever be grateful for all that she has taught me. I wish that she could look through my eyes and see herself the way I see what I see.


chelle said...

What a great post! It is always amazing how/when HF answers prayers.
I have been praying for the same thing...with no luck. I am pretty good about forgiving others not in my family. I just need to work on on person who appens to live in my house. I have no answers on what to do. I think my attitude has changed..but then this person walks into the room and it goes right back almost instantly. I hate it! It makes for such a miserable home life. And the worst part is I know it is all me.

Papa D said...

Truly angels often don't realize their angelic work.

chelle, fwiw, the issue isn't all you - but it might be that you see it as all you. There's a BIG difference between those two things, friend, and I think Patty can help you see it if you want to talk with her about it.

(Yeah, Patty, you're welcome for volunteering you after reading this particular post. The irony doesn't escape me. *grin*)