Monday, August 3, 2009

What a difference a day makes!

Okay, so I probably was doing a bit too much whining in my last post. Now I'm done with my little pity-party and can see the blessings in many of the same things that I was feeling miserable about!
Like having to get new tires- it's never a convenient time to have to do this, but I didn't get a flat out on the interstate, I had the money to replace the two that needed it, and my car handles much better now! Whoohoo! (I'm looking forward to actually stopping when I put on the brake and not have my tires slide!!) And the flooded basement- well, it was good that the water didn't touch anything that would have been harmed by it, and my basement kinda needed a mopping anyways! Having to teach- hmmm... I've got to search harder to see the blessings in this one! It really is something I dread!! But I'm gaining more experience and developing a new talent, and besides, I'm healthy and have my full faculties so I ought to be being used in the Lord's service... even if I still prefer a more "behind-the-scenes" way!
Today is just seeming so much brighter that it seems like a good time to list out some of my blessings again! Here goes:
good health, perfect weather, lots of tomatoes, the ability to research things so quickly and easily (I love finding instructions on how to do things!), a husband that loves me, a daughter that's fun to be around, wonderful friends, being able to live in a safe neighborhood, being able to remember being so poor that we worried about making our next utility payment and realizing that we're blessed to not be in that situation any more, an upcoming enrichment meeting to look forward to, knowing that I don't have to teach again until December!, having plenty of food to eat, being able to see the beauty of God's creations, re-connecting with cousins and other family members, finding new ways to use up all those tomatoes, unexpected flowers blooming where I didn't plant any, chocolate, and memories of good times and the hope of plenty more in the future!

Here are two shots of those unexpected flowers!


Leslie said...

Glad you're having a happy day! Love your blessing list. You have a way of capturing details that often escape my notice! Thanks for lifting my spirits today!

Mama D said...

Hooray for perspective and blessings! I agree with Leslie - you lift my spirits and help me see the unexpected details of my wonderful life.

Valerie said...

So true. Sometimes we can't see the blessing till much later. And those flowers are beautiful. I wish my yard would pop up some pretty flowers out of nowhere!!

chelle said...

Great, inspiring post. Just what I needed. Thanks!

chelle said...

I LOVE the flowers!

Sarah said...

My grandpa calls those flowers "surprise lillies." Good name, huh?