Monday, July 20, 2009

By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them

I had someone post as his status update on facebook that he was so glad that the Lord kept him from being "sucked into" the LDS church. This is coming from a young man that I believe is a good Christian and a nice person, which makes it even harder to believe that he would so publicly announce something like this. My first reaction was one of shock- after all, I would NEVER think to denounce another religion publicly, especially one that I didn't fully understand. I've never felt the need to let everyone know that I'm thankful that I wasn't "sucked into" being a Baptist, Methodist, or Catholic. Quite the contrary, I am grateful for the truths each of these religions has brought to the world. Do I agree with all of their teachings? No. But I still appreciate that they are doing their best to teach people of Christ. So I find it hard to understand why anyone would feel the need to denounce a particular religion.
It's especially frutstrating to me because most people who do this aren't really familiar with what Latter-day Saints truly believe. They've usually started learning about it or have heard snippets of our beliefs and then turn to anti literature or disgruntled former members to fill in the blanks. What they're completely missing is what our religion actually does. Take a look at the people and the lives they lead. Go out and spend some time with Mormons and find out from the source what they believe.
In my past, I've tried to live life my own way, turning my back on God and religion. It wasn't until I became active in the LDS church that my life started turning around. It didn't stop at just turning around, though. My life has continued to become happier, more peaceful, more fulfilling with every day that passes. I thank God that He did bring me into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints because I know what my life would be like otherwise. I lived in misery and unhappiness for enough years to truly appreciate what my life is today.
If you're going to judge my religion by something, judge it by the fruits it produces, just like Jesus says in Matthew 7:20. I haven't found anything in this world that can bring people closer to Christ and, more importantly, bring them closer to being Christ-like than the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And if your religion has done the same for you, then I applaud it and celebrate it with you.

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