Monday, April 27, 2009

I can laugh now... but Friday I felt like crying!

I'm cursed. It's official. Someone has put a hex on my washer and dryer and I'm looking for a good witch to remove it!! Repairing one or the other every few months is getting pretty old, even if it has helped to develop some self-confidence in this area. The latest victim was my dryer. Who knew a dryer could make such noises?! Friday morning I tried to start the dryer and it gave off the most horrible screeching I've ever heard. I swear the neighbors probably thought I was stringing up all five of my cats and flogging them or something. I gave up on trying to ignore the noise (after about 30 seconds) and figured I'd get around to fixing it "later." (Of course Friday was one of those really busy days when I didn't have time to pull it apart!)
Well, later ended up being Saturday morning and I was in luck. David was home and he was willing to do most of the work. We pulled it apart and it was pretty apparent that we were in sore need of a new belt and drum slides. Thankfully I'm pretty familiar with the parts store by now so I knew to get the dryer model number, call ahead and make sure they had the parts and then drive to Mason to pick them up. It didn't take David very long to get everything back together (I helped, but he really did the majority of it this time) and when we plugged it in (and crossed my fingers) it started up quietly and perfectly.
I haven't been so happy to be able to start a load of laundry in months! (Since the last time my washer died!) I think my appliances are trying to teach me not to take them (or anything else in my life) for granted! That, or there really is a curse.


Leslie said...

I'm sorry for your frustration, but I am so impressed with your handy-womanness! In such a "throw-away" society, you are a wonderful example of "fix it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without." Thank you for your example.

Right after we moved here, we had one expensive thing break down after another. Finally we realized that we had been praying that all of these things would last us through residency. Ha, ha! The Lord answers specific prayers specifically! :)

chelle said...

LOL Leslie. The Lord does answers prayers!
Patty I am glad that it was a farely easy and affordable fix. We did the same thing with our dryer. But we were even cheaper and made homemade drum slides lol. It worked quite well for about a year and then we had to replace it. But, again with the homemade version.
When my mom moved she gave us her dryer. So I am hoping for a rest from dryer problems.