Monday, April 6, 2009


I don't know why I'm always so amazed at the talks during General Conference. We are, after all, listening to the Lord's Prophet, Apostles and leaders in His church. Why wouldn't we expect to hear the greatest words of wisdom and counsel?!

Here are some quick summaries of some of the talks that touched me most:

Elder Robert D. Hales talk on becoming Provident Providers- I loved it when he gave us this great question to ponder "Is this benefit temporary or will it have eternal consequences?" I love his counsel to think about whether we really need something or if our desire to buy something is to prove something to the world.

Margaret S. Lifferth- Teaching respect & reverence by example. Another good reminder!

D. Todd Christofferson- Strength through covenants. I loved the way he emphasized the need for us to be "strong Christians" and the fact that making and keeping covenants with God gives us power and strength. Obedience gives us greater control over our lives.

Henry B. Eyring- One challenge we all have in common is adversity! A trial is an invitation to grow.

Quentin L. Cook- Stumbling blocks to faith. Another reminder that when we don't live the teachings of the church we may be stumbling blocks to someone else.

Rafael E. Pino- The only true source of comfort is God. There is no tragedy in death, only in sin.

Richard G. Scott- Temple attendance. Set specific goals to attend the temple, attend it as a couple, and rotate the ordinances you do on your visits.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf- Discipleship. The gospel can unlock the door to true happiness. The gospel is not a quick fix. This is a race of endurance, not a sprint! Start where you are- it's never too late!

Steven E. Snow- Change is a natural part of our earthly experience. We can prepare for change by 1) Following the prophets 2) Keep an eternal perspective 3) Have faith 4) Be of good cheer.

Jeffrey R. Holland- His account of the Savior's atonement, crucifixion and resurrection were the most moving of all the talks. I really wish everyone in the world could listen to this talk and feel the spirit touching their hearts. Absolutely incredible.

President Monson- Turn our thoughts away from our troubles and focus on our blessings.

Dallin H. Oaks- Getting something for nothing is against the gospel law of the harvest. We are happier from what we give, not what we get.

David A. Bednar- The importance of the Temple and it's blessings. We get protection through temple attendance.

These short summaries can't even come close to sharing the feelings of encouragement, hope, comfort, and strength that each of these talks gave me. At the end of Conference I was feeling renewed and re-energized, ready to step up and be more diligent in living the gospel every day. My testimony is stronger and I am filled with gratitude for the great blessing of being able to hear and watch every session. What a great weekend!!


chelle said...

Not many other people would choose to spend 8-10 hours out of their weekend going to church meetings....but I can't imagine NOT doing it. THink of all that we would miss...and for what?

Mama D said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the summaries of Conf. So many talks were amazing, but Elder Holland's absolutely took my breath away!