Monday, March 2, 2009

Random updates

I'm supposed to be getting more worthy pursuits taken care of right now (like cleaning the bathroom, making phone calls, running errands) but I thought I'd take some time to get caught up on blogging.
Last week was absolutely crazy busy and this morning is the first chance I've had to read everyone's blogs. It's great to read about what everyone has been up to, although some posts make me wish I could make things all better for everyone.
After a week of having short hair, I have to admit that I'm pretty happy with my decision! I still have to blow dry it when it's cold outside, but it takes half the time it used to!
I think I might be like Samson, though. It seems like getting my hair cut somehow drained me of my superpowers because I've caught yet another cold. This is getting ridiculous!! I'm normally the one who doesn't get what everyone else has. Maybe it's just my year for getting caught up on all the ones I've missed. Or maybe I can blame it on a doctor's visit that included getting a tetanus shot. Whatever it is, I'm sick of being sick!! (Especially right after the doctor tells me that I'm very healthy! Ha! Very funny.)
Is anyone else ready for spring? I can't wait for warmer temps and lots of COLOR everywhere! Winter may be necessary, but it sure is dreary!! After checking out Leslie's gardening boxes she's got me thinking of what I'd like to be planting. And how I can't wait until it's finally warm enough to do some gardening!
Saturday we went to get a family portrait taken. First time in maybe 6 years since we've had a professional one done. If you're looking for a nice, inexpensive, quick place to go... check out Portrait Innovations near the new Meijer in Colerain. Not only did they do a fantastic job with the photos, but you get them printed out while you wait. AND... they have a deal for a package for only $9.95 right now. You can't beat that! Maybe sometime I'll get one of our pics scanned and put it on here. They turned out beautifully!
Last week we had the BEST family home evening ever. We were able to go and help out a couple in our ward with some needs they had. It wasn't anything big or earth-shattering, but it was great to go as a family and be able to help out. It was also fun getting to know this couple better. I wish we had a lot more opportunities to do stuff like this for FHE's. (Please let me know of any service opportunities you're aware of!!)
If anyone hasn't had the chance to get to meet some of the newer members of our ward, you really should get to know them. I can't believe how greatly we've been blessed by the sweet spirits of our newest sisters. If we'd all reach outside of our comfort zones and be the first to initiate a conversation- we could all make a LOT more friends! (And I'm not saying this as "RS president." I've just gotten tired in my own life of missing out on getting to know such great people!)
I'd better get to work on my "to-do" list now. Keep on bloggin'!


Leslie said...

You are a great and inspiring woman! I miss you! I'm sorry that you've got another cold! Ugh! I HATE colds!

chelle said...

Sounds like things are going amazingly well for you lately. (except for the colds!) sorry about those. My kids sure have had a ton of illnesses this winter. but, thankfully I haven't. Of course I have my other issue (back) that I have to deal with. I usually pick up EVERYTHING the kids bring home. Maybe I am finally getting immune to most of them! (or I have passed my bad luck onto you or something =\ )
Hope you were able to get your things you HAD to get done, done. I didn't get much of anything done today.