Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 (more) Random Things About Me

Erin tagged me on facebook but for those of you who don't do that...


1. I love watching it snow and seeing how pretty it makes things but I really don't enjoy being in it. I would rather stay inside and drink hot chocolate than throw snowballs.
2. That said, I would still like to go sledding (tubing would be better but I don't own one yet) and get out of the house!!
3. I like staying at home but I tend to become more and more reclusive and anti-social the longer I do it so I have to force myself to go out.
4. I still have many social anxiety issues. I'm just getting better and better at hiding them. (Not sure if that's healthy but it helps me cope.)
5. I lost a large part of my zest for life in my teen years and still haven't found it again. That's part of the explanation of why I'm so boring and dull.
6. I think a lot of people mistake my boring dullness for just being calm. Ha! They don't realize that I don't have enough life in me to get worked up about things!
7. I hate getting up early for seminary. I think 6:30 is an okay time to be up, 7:30 is closer to perfect. 4:40 is hellish.
8. As much as I hate getting up so early I wouldn't miss giving this opportunity to Aimee.
9. I try not to be selfish but sometimes I wish the world would revolve around me and everyone else would cater to my whims.
10. Some days I dream of leaving my boring life. I just haven't figured out where to go yet. And going somewhere else probably wouldn't make me less boring anyways.
11. I love doing things. I hate just sitting.
12. My husband loves just sitting and doing nothing. This is a huge bone of contention and he doesn't even care.
13. I want to do something good with my life. I want to make a difference. (A good one for once!)14. It's becoming obvious that I need to get out of the house for a little while!!
15. I'm very cynical. I try hard not to be but I doubt the sincerity of a lot of things in life.
16. I've worked on being less sarcastic. Even my husband has noticed the improvement.
17. I love horses. Given the opportunity I'd own a horse farm and raise and train and rescue horses.
18. I haven't been able to be around horses for a couple of years now and I miss it. But I don't have the time, money, or energy for it right now.
19. I also love kitties. Not just any kitties- my own sweet (sometimes neurotic) kitties. They're great companions and very entertaining.
20. I wish I was able to show love to people as well as I show it to animals.
21. I grew up in northern California where the weather was perfect. It's made it hard to get used to humidity and cold. Some days I want to go back to visit, but most of the time I'm very happy I left.
22. I probably would have like growing up in California a lot more if I had known how to love and be loved.
23. Cincinnati is home. It's really weird because we never had a single thought about moving to Ohio and yet Heavenly Father brought us here and it's been the place I've experienced the most growth and love.
24. I'm used to moving every few years so it's taking some adjusting to live in the same place for almost 5 years now. I'm happy to have roots but sometimes I'd like to be able to sell our house and move to a different one (in the same ward!)
25. The only courses I took in college were creative writing, horseshoeing and equine nutrition. Not very helpful in the real world but it sure was fun! Someday I'll go back and take more serious courses. Or maybe I'll go to school to become a mortician.

I tag anyone and everyone who wants to do this again!!

My husband has objected to #12. He insists that he likes to do stuff, just not the kind of stuff I like to do, or that we have money for, or that he knows how to do. So this is my public apology to David. Kinda. (It would sound more sincere if he could really convince me!)


Mama D said...

Great list!

A mortician?!?!? My great grandfather was a mortician. My dad's family had to live with them for a while when he was a kid. He and his brother had to sleep in the attic with all the "supplies." Had a huge impact on his life... I'd say it scarred him, but maybe it just contributed to his active imagination and creativity! :)

Papa D said...

It scarred him. *grin*

Now every time I see you, I will thinking, "Hi, Morticia!"