Wednesday, November 19, 2008

God's Love

God loves everyone. His love is perfect and never-ending. I think people get confused about this, though. They tend to think that because God loves everyone that everyone will be able to receive and be blessed by His love. That somehow it's okay to sin or to make whatever choices they want because "God loves everyone, even the sinners." Which is true, but... I think that when it says in John 15:10 "If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father's commandments, and abide in his love" it's saying that as long as we are obedient and faithful we will have God's love with us. It won't just be floating around us without ever connecting. It will abide with us. On the other hand, there is no promise or guarantee that we will have that love with us if we are not faithful. I'm not saying that God will stop loving us, just that we are not able to receive it and have it be a part of us.
I compare this to knowledge. Knowledge is all around us and is readily available. It's always there. But we have to make the effort to search for knowledge, then to accept it, and learn how to apply it. If we ignore the knowledge that surrounds us or refuse to do what it takes to gain knowledge then we are left outside the influence of that knowledge. It's not that the knowledge has gone away, it's just that we haven't done what we have to in order to take it within ourselves and to be blessed by it.
I see God's love much the same way. If we search for Him, accept Him, and follow His commandments we will incorporate His love into our lives. It doesn't enter us automatically, but we can open ourselves to it by doing what He's asked us to.


Papa D said...

"They tend to think that because God loves everyone that everyone will be able to receive and be blessed by His love."

Great way to start this post, and the rest is wonderful. Thanks, Patty.

Mama D said...

This is excellent! God's love is constant - but WE have to allow His love to abide with us. Thanks for sharing your perspective and insights.

gordonfan said...

That was beautiful and very thought provoking. This very thing was the inspiration behind my recent post entitled "Pausing to Bemember." Feel free to visit and read it. Its right after my post "She Tagged Me." Oh, speaking of my being tagged, as of right now, you have been also.

Leslie said...

great insight. Thanks for sharing.