Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nothing new

I wish my life was exciting enough to have something new to write about. But it's not. It's full of the same old ordinary things day after day and week after week. Clean the house, buy groceries, cook meals, do some laundry, take care of RS business, write some letters, read some blogs, etc. etc. Not that any of this is torture or anything. Just kinda boring sometimes. (I know... I'm jinxing myself by even thinking that, and to put it in writing will surely mean that strange and "new" problems will arise soon. Just like when I was complaining about being bored and I got called as Relief Society president. A bit of advice... be careful of complaining about being bored to Heavenly Father!)
On Monday I was able to spend most of the day with David in the car. He had a job site he had to go look at out in Ironton, OH (near the border with KY and WV.) It's a good 3.5 hour drive. To save money we wanted to take my car, BUT my husband refuses to drive my little beater so I did all the driving. Since I usually enjoy driving this wasn't a problem. And it gave me plenty of opportunity to give him grief about how my car gets such great gas mileage! (42 mpg!) We took the AA Hwy on the way out and I loved it. It's a very pretty route and I wish I could afford the gas to drive it more often. Besides, it's fun to drive with my car because you have to get speed up on the downhill to keep up on the uphill! Most people would consider my car's limitations as bothersome or even unacceptable, but I just laugh!
We got to the job site in Ironton just to find out that what David thought he'd be inventorying and giving a quote for was WAY larger than the client had thought. We wasted 3.5 hours of driving just to find out that David will have to give a quote just for the inventory alone- and after that's done he can give a quote for the actual work! (David insists it wasn't a waste since he needed to know that it was that large a job, but I still tend to see 15 minutes of work after 3.5 hours of driving as a waste!!)
The funniest thing I saw while out on that side of the state was a political sign in a front yard: "Jeff Lawless for Sheriff." Maybe I'm twisted, but I saw the humor in the irony of the guy's name and the position he was trying for! The coolest thing I saw all day was a red fox. He was walking across a rocky hillside close to the edge of a road so we got a very good view of him. We also saw plenty of deer, cattle, and horses. We took Route 52 on the way back since David had never travelled it that far and it was supposedly a "scenic" route. Hmm... I'll take the scenery on the AA anyday. I think I just prefer trees and hills to river views and flat land.
So now I'm back to life as a boring housewife and Mom. Except even my daughter is ditching me lately. She spends so much time over at the DeGraw's that I think she may officially be part of both families! (BTW- Thank you SOOO much DeGraws for having her over! She loves being a part of your family!! And I'm just teasing about her ditching me- we still spend gobs of time together. In fact, if you ask her she'll say it's still too much!) Yesterday I was graced with her presence on a nice walk on one of the trails out at Winton Woods, which was great. We even took the time to take off our shoes and wade in the water for a bit (which felt so good on such a warm day!)
On the upside of all this boredom... aside from Monday I've had plenty of time to get my points for exercising and not drinking carbonated drinks! I've come close to the 5 servings of fruits/veggies (I'm hitting 4 on most days), and I've gotten 8 hours of sleep for 3 days in a row (near miraculous!)
Life is good and I can't complain. I'm just having fun rambling on about mostly meaningless stuff, just in case anyone else out there is bored enough to want to read such drivel!
Isn't life great?!


Mama D said...

Hey, we love having Aimee over. She's just part of the family! We are the Hotel for good reason. As Ray always says, with 6 kids, what difference does 1 more make?!?

Louann and Bari said...

I love your 'meaningless stuff'- and I love your little beater, and You too!

Papa D said...

Your daughter is welcome here any time. It's not like we notice any extra noise.