Friday, July 18, 2008

My Thankful List

I'm not 'with it' enough to come up with one every week (kudos Michelle!!) so I'll just list a bunch for today:

1. a working and dependable postal service
2. working indoor plumbing
3. living in a neighborhood that's quiet and safe
4. living in a country where I'm not afraid of the government or worried about being shot or bombed on the streets (certain neighborhoods are exceptions to this, but that's a whole different subject!)
5. easy access to clean water
6. enough money to buy food and gas
7. a husband who helps with installing sinks, car speakers, etc.
8. that same husband being able to put up with me and loving me in spite of myself!
9. fantastic friends (yep- all of you!)
10. no longer being eligible to be a guest on the Jerry Springer show
11. understanding and being able to apply gospel principles in my life
12. the ability to read
13. the freedom to read whatever I want
14. a healthy body and the ability to see, hear, talk, walk, etc.
15. modern medicines
16. a living Prophet
17. teenage enthusiasm, even if it means that I'm looked at as being old and boring!
18. being able to attend the Temple tomorrow!
19. air conditioning
20. experiencing sorrow and loss so I better appreciate the things I do have
21. refrigeration
22. washers and dryers
23. the smell of clean sheets when I go to bed
24. working phone lines
25. hope

Here's an update of what our gardening boxes looked like a few weeks ago. They've grown a lot since then!


chelle said...

What an awesome list! I love the Jerry Springer comment. I can totally relate to that one!
The garden looks great. I hope to have a nice garden next year! We didn't plant one this year hoping we'd be moving...looks like it's happening...but we sure could of used some yummy home grown veggies until now! D'oh

Louann and Bari said...

I love your list! I'm grateful for your youthful enthusiasm, and handy hubby too!
Love you bunches!

Mama D said...

Hooray for blessing lists! You focus on some of the day-to-day, taken-for-granted blessings... postal service, clean drinking water, freedom...

I also thought the Jerry Springer was great. But I particularly like 'experiencing sorrow and loss so I better appreciate the things I do have' and 'hope.' I guess because I desperately need that perspective right now!