Friday, April 25, 2008

My week

Okay, if anyone is slightly interested in a week in the life of a RS President, here it is:

Monday- exercise, clean up house, go grocery shopping for someone in need, make phone calls, work on the yard, and then the usual evening stuff- make dinner, wash dishes, FHE, family scripture reading and prayer and then BED (yes, this is a pretty light day!)
Tuesday- Exercise, gardening club, mow the lawn, loads of laundry (pun intended!), and a little time for reading before Aimee gets home, the usual evening routine... except with Idol in there instead of FHE!
Wednesday- here's where the week starts to get busy- Exercise, head to Stake Bldg to do food pickup, run back home and place cold foods in fridge, pack a lunch (quickly!) and head to a local park to visit teach (which includes lunch, a nice walk, and a sunburn!!), get home in time to make dinner, wash dishes and head off to the church for my PPI with the Bishop, and then a shortened family scripture time and prayer.
Thursday- no exercise this morning, pick up friend and take her to a doctor's appt, come home and work on writing up a "state of the RS" report for the Stake Presidency (apparently this is something they like to get each ward conference!), pick up friend from doctor and take her back home, make more phone calls, finish up report, go to Aimee's school and give her two advil for mysterious leg pain, vacuum and pick up house, and then Aimee is home again!, go pick up pizza for dinner and hope David gets home in time to eat with us (he almost did!), home teachers come for a visit and then I'm off to Missionary Correlation meeting, home again around 9 and the usual scripture reading and prayer routine!
Friday- today I'm lethargic- I'm beyond tired and I don't know why so I'm moving at the pace of a snail (literally!) but I did manage to take a clean pair of pants to Aimee at school (someone thought it'd be fun to put gum on her seat- not cool!!), go to Meijer for some fresh fruits, visit with one of our older sisters, more phone calls, try to get food orders taken care of (not quite done yet), wash the car, check blogs and post this, make muffins and a meal for a family, and once I'm done delivering that it'll be dinner for my family and VEGGING in front of the tv. I'm pooped.

Hopefully my energy will return for tomorrow, though because my husband wants to take me to Pyramid Hill and look at all the cool sculptures and art and then to Brown's marketplace to look for some more yummy amish jams and cheese!

This list actually seems a bit light... I never can remember half of the small, seemingly insignificant things I do. I just realized I forgot to make mention of my own personal scripture study and prayers. And I'm sure if I sat here long enough I'd remember more stuff, but I just don't have time!!

What's crazy is that I know half of you are even busier than I am!! Holy cow!! We all deserve a trip to the spa!!


Mama D said...

You have had an exhausting week! I'm impressed you didn't crash on Tues! Just one question: why are YOU going to the stake center to pick up food orders instead of the families?! I like that lunch/walk in the park VT idea!

And the spa idea sounds pretty relaxing. Maybe Leslie could give us all a farewell massage night before she moves!

I guess I'm glad that our week was crazy enough that we didn't call to see if Dave could come look at the brakes tomorrow. You need your Sat fun with him!

Leslie said...

Whew! That was a tiring week! Please be sure to delegate anything that you can. I would love to help you any way I can.

You are awesome, and doing an awesome job! Thanks for your example and friendship!

chelle said...

I am sooo with you on the day at the spa thing! Let me win the lottery and I'll take us all!! Dang, wait a minute...I don't play. Scratch that idea.
I am super impressed that of all the big and little things you have going on each day with family, home and church...that you fit YOUR scripture reading in there. That is one thing I seriously need to work on!
I know I am not in RS...but I am happy to help in ANY way with anything. (especially the visiting and walking in the park thing haha) ;-)
Keep up the great work!!