Thursday, February 21, 2008


Did anyone stay up to see the eclipse last night? I was not only up, but actually remembered to look outside and see it! And what struck me was the color of the moon. It was interesting enough to see it being obscured by the earth's shadow, but from my backyard it had the most beautiful color. It was a subtle hue of brown with hints of orange and warm yellow. Mostly shaded but not at all black and dark like some of the pictures I saw on the news this morning. Just a wonderful blend of colors that have no earthly description. There isn't a perfect way to describe the color. We have gobs of names for colors in our vocabulary, but sometimes when you're facing the beauty and majesty of God's creations, those words just don't do it justice.

This got me thinking about how limited we really are in even being able to express the grandeur and miracle of God's works. Poets write lovely verses, songs are sung, and paintings capture some of it. Photography comes the closest in re-creating it, but even that has it's limits- often a picture can't grab all the hues and tones that we see with our naked eyes. In the end, nothing we do or make can really do anything but imitate God's wonderous creations. So sometimes we need to really open our eyes and take in all of the amazing color and uniqueness of this world we live in. God created it to be a thing of beauty and enjoyment to us. It shouldn't take a lunar eclipse to get us to see that.


Louann and Bari said...

I saw the moon early on- before the eclipse. You are very right about the colors God has given us. Another really good example are sunsets. Everyone tries to recreate them, but the colors seem gaudy and fake. A sunset has such pure color, it is impossible to duplicate.
Hmmmmm-much like all of God's creations, impossible to truly duplicate.

cassie said...

I've realized this many times, as I look at my artwork, it's maddening at times. But it's still great to enjoy the beauty in every creation, whether by our Heavenly Father, or a child coloring for the first time.

Leslie said...

I love the way you write and think! I always feel smarter and uplifted after reading your thoughts!

chelle said...

I tried to watch the eclipse. but it went so slow for me that I couldn't stand any longer. (I didn't have a great place to sit and watch it) I am sorry I missed it though.
I love nature and pondering on the wonders of the universe. It really makes you humble to think someone created all of this for us to enjoy. And yet a lot of times we just move about it not noticing just how amazing this world is that we have been given.

Papa D said...

Those of you who have never lived in Utah (or Arizona or the Sahara Desert) probably don't realize how amazing it is to leave such a place and see the Cincinnati area for the first time. Everything is SO green - and colorful.

Otoh, those who have never lived in Utah and seen the national parks of Southern Utah have no idea what those rock formations look like as the sun rises above the horizon - or shines through the arch - or bounces off the sides of the canyon without ever reaching the bottom.

There truly is unique beauty all around us - both in nature and in our own personal and church families. It just takes seeing it as such.

carrie said...

i like that email that you get every so often about the 7 wonders of the world...the one where the girl contemplates the true gifts in life and they are simple. even though some of us don't enjoy all of them or for all of our lives, we are given our senses to enjoy beauty both made from God and from by man through the inspiration of God or talents bestowed by gifts from God. the ability to love and appreciate the simple things is a huge blessing and gift you have been given patty. thanks for sharing your thoughts so freely and openly when time allows. ;)