Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Righteous men

Righteous men are harder and harder to find these days. It's interesting to see the difference between how a "normal" man of the world thinks about things, and how a man of God thinks (and acts.)
Here are some of the differences I've noticed:
The man of the world thinks it is normal if he gets a good paying job and does just enough to be considered successful at it. Often a man is promoted or praised if he can show that he can bring in more revenue, even if it is by questionable or unethical means.
The man of God gives an honest day's work for an honest day's wage, always striving to be an asset to the company he works for. He holds fast to his honesty and integrity, even in business dealings.
The man of the world thinks that marriage is a trap, and only enters into marriage if it has some other incentive for him. He often thinks of women as sexual objects or as inferior humans. He wants a wife who will work and help to boost his income so that he can enjoy more "toys."
The man of God looks forward to marriage, knowing that it is the highest privilege he will enter into on this earth. He views a woman as sacred and as a full partner in his marriage. He wants to protect and provide for her so that she can be home to raise their children.
The man of the world thinks of himself above all else. His time and energy are spent on fulfilling his own needs and passions. To view pornography is "normal" and to spend most weekend nights at a bar or at sports games is looked upon as ideal.
The man of God is unselfish. He puts the needs of others above his own. He is happy to serve others and to share the talents God has given him. His ideal evening often includes time spent with his wife and children.
The man of the world thinks that money is the ultimate goal. The more money, the better. With money he can have everything he ever wanted. He is willing to sacrifice his integrity, his family, even his soul to get his hands on more.
The man of God realizes how blessed he is when he has enough money to cover his needs. He knows that everything in this world belongs to God, so it doesn't make any sense to try to hoard it. He is willing to share what money he does have to help those who have even less, and he would rather face financial poverty than spiritual poverty.
The man of the world thinks God is a nice idea, but not necessary today. He gives little to no thought to religion or the state of his soul. He would rather be out fishing, boating, or at a football game than be in a church on the Lord's day.
The man of God knows God and is eager to learn more of His ways. He is willing to sacrifice his time and energy to not only be in church on Sunday, but to also serve his fellow men throughout each week.

Do we, as latter-day Saints, realize just how blessed we are to have righteous men?? Not only do we have a holy prophet on the earth today who is a wonderful example of what a man of God should be, but we also have great men in our midst. We have men who go against the common thinking of our day and are willing to take risks to hold fast to their beliefs. We have men who honor and cherish us as women, and who take their responsibilities as husbands and fathers seriously. We don't have any ordinary men. Ask your husband, father, brother or son sometime about the things they hear and see as they are out in their workplace. Ask how many other men they know who are willing to live their lives in such a holy manner. Our men may not be perfect (good thing, since neither are we!!) but they are good, righteous men. And I think they deserve a huge "thank you" from each of us for all they do.
So THANK YOU to each brother, father, husband, and son. THANK YOU for standing up for what is right. THANK YOU for being strong and for honoring your priesthood. THANK YOU for not being just another "normal" man of the world.


Mama D said...

Thanks for noticing and appreciating the righteous men, especially those with whom we rub shoulders on a regular basis. They deserve your pat on the back!

Thanks for your respect and integrity, men!

Louann and Bari said...

Very well said.
I have had the opportunity to watch my husband turn from being a man of the world to an eternal based man. It really is a treasure to be part of such a transformation.

ANTSYLLI said...

Wonderful insight and perspective. I have been spoiled to be surrounded by men of God all my life. I am thankful for their dedication and commitment to the Lord. Thank you for highlighting something that I have taken for granted.

Pampered Princess said...

Very nice and very well said. I love your insights.

Papa D said...

"bows deeply"