Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Why blogging ROCKS!

After reading Louann's last post and all of the great comments, my husband and I were talking about why the blogging seems to be such a great thing. I've had other people tell me they weren't interested in blogging (or even reading them) because they see those same people each week, or can call them on the phone. I can see their point, BUT... I think that blogging allows us to share thoughts and feelings in a clear way, when we've had time to really think about what we say before we say it. It also makes it possible for us to share those thoughts with a large group of people all at once, often people that we'd love to visit with every week but honestly don't have the time to. It helps us to work around all of the busy schedules and lack of contact by making us available at any time of the day or night. Can you imagine what it would take for us to try to get everyone's schedule in synch so that we could get together?? This is yet another amazing way that technology has blessed our lives, and I for one am SOOO thankful for it!! Hurray for blogging!!


ANTSYLLI said...

Hooray! I LOVE blogging, too! You are right on the mark. It gives me a glimpse into your life and makes the relationship on Sunday even better...and I don't know about the rest of you out there, but who really has time to visit on Sunday? Every calling I have had requires me to be working, not visiting. I know that since I have been blogging, I have felt more connected to friends in the ward. I am thankful for blogging because it allows me to visit with my friends any time day or night.

Leslie said...

Do you think it will be too much to say "This year I am thankful for blogging" at the Thanksgiving table tomorrow?? It has really had such an impact on my life, and truly I am thankful for it. Primarily, of course, because of the relationships that it has allowed me to build and/or strengthen.

Shayleen Lunt said...

I don't fall for the people that say that they aren't interested in blogging...I know they secretly want in. I love it, that is why I have stuck with it for so's my online scrapbook!

Mama D said...

"I am thankful for my blogging neighborhood." I'm so going to use that at the Thanksgiving table! Thanks for the idea, Leslie!

Patty, I think you're right that this forum gives us a chance to formulate what we want to say before we say it. In some ways, it is easier to open up here than it is in person, especially on Sunday when everyone is so busy with their callings and kids.

A lot of us have commented on the timing and blessing of the blogs. It is imperative to me right now. Thanks to each of you for being there, day or night, to listen and comment and support me and each one of us!

Blogging ROCKS, indeed!

Papa D said...

For one, I love blogging, but I am most grateful for the impact it has on Mama. She tends to judge herself too harshly, and it helps SO much to read of everyone else's struggles and difficulties and joys and insights. It has been invaluable to her and, therefore, to me.

Plus, I like being surrounded by smart, dedicated, beautiful, spiritual women. None of you measure up to Mama, 'cause . . . well, she's Mama, but you're not bad in your own right.

**HUGE smile**

lou said...

Hey !!!! I'M THE MOST THANKFUL FOR BLOGGING-REMEMBER????I PRAYED FOR IT. Well, ok- I'll share. I love you all. I agree with Antsylli, I love that I can blog any time day Or Night. I'd never dream of calling anyone at 2 or 3 in the morning. And I agree with Shayleen, too. I think everyone SECRETLY wants to blog (and we should encourage them to start-the more the merrier).
Love You ALL !!!