Monday, November 5, 2007

The Lord's Burden is Light

'Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavyladen. . . . Take my yoke upon you, . . . for . . . my burden is light'(Matthew 11:28-30)
The Savior's burden is light because He never had to carry the effects of sin and transgression. He never had the weight of guilt and remorse weighing Him down. He was able to live His life perfectly, and by doing so was able to atone for our sins. What an incredible thought- to have gone through mortal life without once making a mistake that causes you to feel guilty, to never commit an act that you regret for years afterwards. (This doesn't mean that the Savior didn't have pain in His life- far from it. He suffered pains of every kind, even before Gethsemane and His crucifixion.)
I've often wondered how it is that we're supposed to take His yoke upon us even though I understand the use of a yoke and how it spreads the weight evenly between two animals. I understand that Jesus is able to take my burden and make it lighter. What struck me today is that He wants us to not only have our own burden lightened, but He wants us to experience His burden. To experience His burden, to me, would mean that I am forgiven and leave behind my old self and am able to let go of all of the guilt, fears, and things that hold me back. I would be able to get a sense of what it felt like to live a sinless life. What would it really feel like to have no lingering doubts or feelings of inadequacy because of what I've done in my life? I wish I could say that I'm familiar with that feeling and that I regularly experience His burden, but I still stuggle. What gives me comfort is knowing that it is possible, and someday I'll get to the point that I can feel that way all the time. With His help the burdens of my own sins and mistakes can be taken away and I can have the peace that only He can bring.
This scripture came to me at a point when I really needed it because I am struggling with one of the toughest challenges I've ever faced. (I can't share at this point, but will soon.) I'm praying that God will keep holding me up every single day and keep giving me the hope and courage that it will take to make it through this. Please keep me in your prayers- I really need it right now.


chelle said...

Patty- It is so hard to take upin ourselves His yolk. We are in a world full of heartbreak and disappontment. Not that He didn't suffer or have heartbreak. But he was perfect, we make mistakes..hundreds of them. We then feel unworthy, useless, depresed and then satan vreeps in more and often times we repeat a mistake we have made and thus creating a vicious cycle that is hard to break. I know this all to well! But I am terrible at taking His yolk upon myself. But, I do know it is THE only way to move onward and upward and grow! I am sorry you are suffering right now. Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with! I love you dearly!

chelle said...

sorry abotu all my typos!! eek hope you can read it despite them!-typo queen!

lou said...

You know we love you - I think we take upon each others yokes sometimes too. Love your neighbor. We can't solve each others problems or trials, but we can lift the burdens sometimes.
I love you too sweetie !!!!Hang in there !!!

Papa D said...

Patty, I am speaking in Liberty on the 18th on the Plan of Happiness, and what you describe is very similar to how I will address it.

I think true joy and happiness comes when we accept "the grace that so fully he proffers us" and realize that He really has redeemed and saved us and freed us to pursue progression and exaltation without the weight of guilt that keeps us looking backward instead of forward.

Steve and Jamie said...

Thank you for your beautiful thoughts. I really needed to read them tonight. You will be in my prayers. Please accept my love and support as well!

heather said...

You always have awesome scriptural insights. I feel like I'm in a seminary or institute class when I read your posts. I really need to ponder more when I read and not just fight to stay awake.

Mama D said...

This scripture has helped me through many difficult times. A few years ago, I memorized it so I could use it to help me through whatever struggle I was facing, even if I wasn't home to grab my scriptures to find "that one scripture that talks about 'come unto me all ye that are heavy laden...'"

Even with my own pondering and use of this scripture, and my understanding of being yoked and Christ taking our burdens upon Himself, I'm not sure I have ever equated US experiencing His burden, being forgiven and being free of the effects of sin, guilt, and fear.

You don't know how much I needed to hear this tonight, and be reminded of this! Thank you, Patty, for sharing your profound insight.

Mama D said...

In grabbing the lifeline you handed me in the way you worded this, and the new insight into us experiencing Christ's burden (and not just the other way around)... I forgot to say that I will pray for you and hope you find the peace and answers for which you are seeking. Remember He loves us and understands us perfectly! I know He will continue to be there for you.