Friday, November 2, 2007

Grrrr... venting...

My husband has been working for his company for 7 months now. We thought this would be a great opportunity and also a way for us to stay here, where we're very happy. When he hired on he was told what his responsibilities would be (not a problem) and that they would evaluate how things were going after six months and discuss giving him a raise at that time. It's been interesting to see just how dishonest his employers are- and how unaware they are that they are being dishonest!
David put months of hard work in, often working all day and then doing emergency jobs during the night. He built up the business far faster than they expected and showed a high level of competence. They have often come to him with questions regarding types of work that they are unfamiliar with and have slowly continued adding more responsibilities here and there. (Still, not a problem.)
After six months he mentioned their agreement and they sat down and discussed where the business was at , how it was going and what his goals are for this office. They agreed that he was doing far better than they had ever imagined. They told him that they thought he deserved a raise and would have to go back to the main office and look at the numbers to decide how much. They also asked him if he would be willing to take care of bidding jobs down in Lexington (not in his area) when they need the extra help. (Again, he's willing.)
Fast forward 2-3 weeks. David goes to a Spill Drill on a Saturday, voluntarily, with no pay. They had the nerve to pull him off to the side and let him know that the President of the company didn't think they should give him the raise (she is one of the bosses that met with him and had agreed to it.) She didn't even have the nerve to tell him in person. She sent another VP to do it. Interesting.
It gets better though. Yesterday another of the VP's called him and told him that she had prepared a list of prospective clients for him to go and contact down in Lexington! WHAT??? Apparently the bosses took his willingness to BID jobs and decided to turn that into full time SALES in another office's territory. Keep in mind that this company does not pay mileage... so they expect him to drop his work up here, drive 70 miles (one way) to do sales for another office.. with no additional compensation.
This is where my desire to be a nice, loving, Christian is really tested!! Are we absolutely crazy for thinking that these people should hold up their side of an agreement and not try to take advantage of David??? We still believe that this is the job that David is supposed to be doing, and at this point we don't have many other options anyways. What really bothers me is that these same people are the ones who have actually made comments about how they think they are a very honest company. I guess that our idea of honesty and theirs must be worlds apart. I thought honesty was doing what you said you would, and not lying. I'm not sure what their definition is.
This has been a major struggle for us. We are trying very hard not to bad mouth his company (they do pay him, after all) and we don't want to be ungrateful for God's blessings in this. But the more I talk with friends, the more I'm hearing the same thing. Companies don't appreciate the ones who work hard. They don't put any value on honesty, integrity, and responsibility. I'm so tired of seeing family and friends being taken advantage of, being treated poorly, and being unfairly compensated even though they are good, hard-working people. I literally have had to pray numerous times to have my own heart softened toward my husband's bosses so that I won't have any hard feelings towards them. I want to be able to see them the way God sees them, and to look for the good in them.
On days like today, though... it's hard. I'm not sure what Jesus would do in this situation. And I know we're not the only ones going through this, and that we're blessed to even have a job that pays the bills. (Trying to look for the good in this situation!!) For now, all I can do is keep praying that things will work out the way God wants them to. And try to be supportive of David. He's one heck of a man to be able to put up with all of this.


chelle said...

I am so sorry you are going through this. I think everyone is. Michael has not had a raise in over 4 yrs. Everything is going up in price and with no raise, and kids needs growing and changing, it is tough. Companies look at their bottom line. Not the employees intrests. The companies have it made. Most people won't quit or try to find another job because of fear of not finding anything. So they stick around and keep doing what they are asked with no other options. Not sure I have any answers for ya. Prayer is the only option.
Best ofluck with everything!

ANTSYLLI said...

I hate to hear that you are struggling like this. I know that it is bad out there for everyone. I believe it is related to the increase in worldliness/wickedness in our country today. When you get right down to it, everything revolves around money---
We struggled with Eric's employment for years. It used to really stress me out. Then he lost his foot and is now disabled. I believe that this was a blessing for us. Not that I wish it on anyone...I have been blessed with a stable job, that is not without it downside (because every job has one), but I know that the Lord is taking care of us and providing a way for us to live. As Chelle said, prayer is the only option. You will know what to do and what to say. In the meantime--know that you are not alone!

Leslie said...

I'm so sorry. That really stinks! Not that it's worth much, but if I was his boss, I would give him a big fat raise, along with a hefty bonus for all of his hard work!!
Good Luck!!

Papa D said...

On the practical side, I would insist - at the very least - that they cover his travel expenses to go down there. They simply can't expect him to take a pay cut - and that's what it would be without travel expenses covered.

Personally, this a line I wouldn't be able to cross - but he needs to make his own decision, since my answer doesn't need to be his.

carrie said...

i agree whole heartedly with's gotta stop somewhere and that is not an unreasonable request. if he needs to stay in lexington, they also need to provide him with lodging. kenny's company also paid for his meals when he worked out of town, even when he worked as a foreman and was still doing the construction end of the business.

have you considered a voodoo doll? maybe you could compel them to do the right thing.

lou said...

Well, at least they aren't LDS. I think the only thing that could make Davids situation worse, is if they were.
Non-LDS bosses, I don't seem to hold at as high standards as LDS bosses. The disapointment is still real though.
What would happen if he just didn't go to KY? Certainly they wouldn't fire him when they know what a strong worker he is.

Papa D said...

One more thought:

I see this as perhaps a wonderful opportunity to increase his value to the company, so I would craft a proposal to them that emphasized my desire and willingness to help in any way I could - as long as I didn't have to take a pay cut to do so. I might not insist on *extra* money, so if they don't cover mileage and meals here I probably wouldn't insist on it there, but I would insist on covering the "commute" miles to get there and back - the costs over and above what he would incur by staying just here.

BTW, if you read this soon, ask him if the man I recommended got in touch with him.