Thursday, November 8, 2007

Another great find...

This is a quote by F. David Lee that was in an article from Meridian Magazine:
(referring to Peter when he walked on the water)
"Like Peter, we in this life learn that temporal supports sometimes crumble — or sink — in the face of life's tempests. We find that there are forces capable of upsetting our most carefully improvised plans. But we, like Peter, can discover that our Savior stands nearby, though perhaps dimly seen, ready to help us if we will but reach out to him and accept his divine assistance. We need not struggle alone. 1
The scriptures speak of the “trial of faith” (Ether 12:6) through which we must pass, indicating that the faith-building process is not automatic. Instead, it is a learning process — a mandatory sequence for all who would inherit eternal life. Each step Peter took away from the ship was a trial of his faith; each step toward Jesus took him a step farther from his accustomed means of survival. And each step was a voluntary one; he was under no compulsion to leave the ship and respond to the Lord's call to “Come.”
At one point Peter's attention was drawn from Jesus, the object of his faith, to the boisterous wind and waves around him. In a moment of confusion, fear overpowered his faith, and Peter started to fall.
So like our lives! As we learn the gospel and develop our faith, we reach the point where we feel strong enough to leave the boat; we determine to stand free from worldly supports and voluntarily walk by faith through the tempest toward our Savior. Each step for us may be a trial. The waves around us are as real in their way as Peter's waves were to him. And, like Peter, we may slip! We may feel the awful descent toward destruction and, in confused desperation, consider the safety of the ship.
But wait! Our efforts to meet the trials of our faith — our footsteps over life's treacherous waters — have somehow re-oriented us, and we reach out for safety, not to the boat, as we would have done in earlier times, but to the outstretched hand of the Savior. Hand grasps hand, and we are pulled to the Master of wind and water. No more is he seen vaguely through the storm; no more is his voice indistinct in the roar of the gale. Now we are home; now the trial is over.
And Jesus calms the storm. 3"


Papa D said...

I really like this passage. Thanks for sharing it.

The concept of living "with an eye single to the glory of God" is very powerful, particularly when we remember what His glory really is - our eternal development.

Leslie said...

Thanks, I needed that. In fact, I needed that a whole lot more than I needed the hormones that are currently wreaking havoc on my outlook.

Mama D said...

Patty, I think you are firmly establishing yourself as the Wise One of our blogging neighborhood! This is such a profound quote. Thank you so much for sharing it! Wow!! I needed this. I believe you were inspired to share this today.

Leslie, it's good to know I'm not alone at the moment in hormone-induced havoc!

ANTSYLLI said...

Thanks for sharing. I loved that passage. It is wonderful to know that we truly have a friend in the Savior. I can't imagine going through my trials without that knowledge.