Monday, October 1, 2007

Relief Society

How blessed are we to have this wonderful society of sisters?? I've often thought about how lonely and depressed I would be without the help and love of my sisters in the church. I love knowing that we all share the same basic beliefs, and that we all love the Lord and try hard to love each other.
Think about what life might be like if you didn't have sisters in Christ. Who would you call when you desperately needed someone to babysit? Who would be there to bring a meal if you were bedridden? Who would sit and chat with you about the best ways to teach your children? Who would really understand how hard you're trying to do what's right?
I wonder how many times we take for granted our friendships and our sisterhood. We who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have the most incredible women's society in the world. Where else will you find millions of women belonging to a relief society that is dedicated to serving the Lord and bringing relief to those in need? I am so thankful for God's great wisdom in giving us a society that would give us support, love, encouragement, friendship, and opportunities to serve. I wouldn't be nearly as good a mother, wife, sister, friend, or daughter if I didn't belong to the Relief Society.
And I am equally thankful for being able to attend the Relief Society's annual Broadcast and dinner. What an amazing thing to be able to be together and listen to counsel from such great women, inspiring us to keep pushing forward in faith. And to be able to be there with sisters I love and cherish... words can't express how wonderful that feels! I wish I could share that feeling with every woman I meet.


chelle said...

I too feel the same way. I LOVE RS and always have. Even though I was technically 17 when I entered it. Circumstances made it so. Anyway, I am truely blessed to be a part of it. I have felt that way even when I have felt alone at church. The society is perfect...but the people aren't. :D

chelle said...

haha..I just saw ur quotes...There are days when I can break a chocolate bar in fourths and then there are days...I still want more after I am licking the chocolate off my fingers!!

scary carrie said...

i'm so glad i went to the broadcast...i really didn't feel like getting motivated to go. i really felt horrible throughout the morning and half the afternoon but thankfully the Lord knew how to pry me up and out and i was so grateful in retrospect. it's a different spirit you feel when you join the sisters who have gathered together for the same be lifted by the words and inspirations of those called by the Lord to lead this incredible organization of women. it had an incredible healing effect on me and the spirit spoke to my soul.

lou said...

I think I love the hymns at Women's Conf as much as the talks. I love to listen to the sisters in the chapel singing along with the sisters in Salt Lake. It is truely a spiritual experience.