Saturday, October 13, 2007

Jacob Chapter 6

I was reading in Jacob, Chapter 6, and I thought it was interesting that he mentions how merciful God is to us (verse 4)... He knows that we are a stiffnecked and gainsaying people (He knows what we humans are like), BUT, as long as we don't harden our hearts He will save us in His kingdom. What a great promise! We don't have to be perfect and think only nice thoughts and do good all day every day... we just have to be humble and be open to Him.
Jacob doesn't stop there, though. He goes on to mention (verse 5) that we need to make sure that our hearts are open and that we're listening to God while His "arm of mercy" is extended towards us in the light of day. That phrase "light of day" caught my attention. I take that to mean that we need to be aware of His mercy and His long-suffering during the good times, and not just turn to Him during the bad (or the dark night of our afflictions.) He promises us mercy and blessings and hope, if we just turn to Him.
Jacob continues teaching- (verse 8) asking us to ponder whether we will reject his words and the words of the prophets. Do we read the words of the prophets? Do we pay attention to general conference? Do we listen for counsel and open our hearts and minds to those things that we might need to change? Are we humble enough to accept counsel and "go and do the things the Lord commands?" Or do we give in to stubborness and pride (stiffneckednes) and say that the Prophet and/or Apostles don't know what they're talking about? Do we take offense because the truth hit too close to home? Or do we acknowledge that there are some things that we can be doing better and should be working on?
Finally Jacob gives us one line that sums it all up (verse 12) ... "O be wise; what can I say more?" He's asking us to take the time to ponder, pray, learn, and follow. To be wise. To study and read and open our minds to truth. To be wise is not just to learn something- it's learning to apply what you've read and studied.
I'm not saying that I'm anywhere close to being considered "wise", but I love the opportunities that God has given me to continue to learn new things all the time. I'm so thankful that He gives us line upon line... letting us understand a little more every day so that we can continue forward on our journey.


lou said...

Thank you Patty---

Leslie said...

I think you are wise! Thank you for sharing.

chelle said...

Ya know...if I would read my scriptures I bet I would find the Saviors love and acceptence for me in every verse and chapter I read. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to do better and read my scriptures again.

Mama D said...

Thanks for your thoughts on this scripture. Good for pondering and gaining wisdom!

Papa D said...

I just realized that, as much as I look forward to reading your posts, I don't think I've ever told you that - or that I love how deeply you consider the scriptures and the insights you share.